Love Korean Dessert? This Bon Chon and Happy Lemon Dessert Is For You!

Brown sugar milk tea fans will love this!
Bingsu, also called patbingsu, is a Korean shaved iced dessert commonly topped with fruits, syrup, red beans, and sweet milk or condensed milk. This summer dessert comes in different interesting flavors. Bon Chon and Happy Lemon recently collaborated to bring you a dreamy, icy ...

OMG, Happy Lemon Has New Rock Salt & Cheese Milk Tea!

It’s a very summery drink.
When it comes to milk tea with rock salt and cheese, Happy Lemon is the milk tea shop to go to. The milk tea shop recently released a new rock salt and cheese line, and this time, it involves fresh fruits. Meet the ...

Try These Signature Milk Tea Beverages From Popular Milk Tea Stores

For the fickle-minded.
Whoever says that milk tea is boring must not have had good milk tea in their life. With the Metro’s abundance of great milk-tea shops, choosing one could get pretty overwhelming—truth is, a lot of them are worth trying. And once you've chosen ...
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