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How To Cook Eggs In The Air Fryer

Eggs + air fryer = mind blown!
There's a new way to cook hard-boiled eggs and it's in your air fryer. Amazing right? This popular kitchen cooking appliance seems to be able to do it all! The air fryer is fast becoming the appliance that has replaced the oven in many ...

Here's The Fun And Easy Way To Peel Boiled Eggs

Don't become frustrated!
Hard-boiled eggs can be hard to peel. The membrane that protects the egg also prevents it from being peeled easily, too. There are a few ways to do this easily and we know there's a way to peel eggs easily. However, there's another way to ...

You Can Microwave Instead Of Boiling Eggs! Here's How To Do It Safely

You can poach and hard boil eggs in the microwave!
Anyone who has ever had problems cooking a hard-boiled egg on the stovetop will be delighted to know that you can do it in the microwave. The microwave oven is fast and easy to use compared to the stove and while it is the faster kitchen ...

This Is How You Can Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs Perfectly

You just need a little patience.
You've probably had trouble boiling eggs to perfection but once you have mastered how to boil an egg, the next obstacle is peeling it. This is where those perfect eggs become pockmarked and unsightly. You can avoid that with one of the quickest and easiest ways of ...

Easy Egg Salad on Toast Recipe

Boil eggs and toss with a few ingredients for a hearty sandwich filling.
There's something very simple about making hard-boiled eggs. What makes it hard and intimidating for some is the fact that a seemingly simple recipe can go very wrong within a minute. One minute too long in the boiling water can mean the smelly gray circle ...

We Have Tips on How To Cook Perfect Boiled And Sunny-Side Up Eggs

These are the egg hacks you need to know.
Eggs, whether sunny-side up egg or hard boiled, are the staple of many dishes. It looks easy to cook but the nuances of cooking the perfect egg is not always that easy. We’ve got your back. Here are a few tips on how ...

We Tested 3 Different Ways to Peel a Hard-Boiled Egg and Found the Perfect One

Say goodbye to hard-to-peel eggs!
Peeling hard-boiled eggs can be super tricky—no one wants to be poked by sharp eggshells or ruin egg whites by shells that get stuck to the egg! There are a few popular methods for peeling your hard-boiled eggs easily, so we tested ...

Creamy Egg Sauce

A thick sauce with egg chunks; best for breaded fish and chicken fillet, crab and shrimp cakes, grilled sandwiches
A thick sauce with egg chunks; best for breaded fish and chicken fillet, crab and shrimp cakes, grilled sandwiches ...
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