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Grilled Hawaiian Chicken Recipe

If you love the flavor of pineapples in your food, you'll love this grilled chicken recipe.
This Hawaiian grilled chicken recipe is served with a delicious sauce with tropical flavors from the pineapples. Marinating the chicken in pineapple will tenderize the chicken while infusing it with its sweet and tangy flavors. Serve it with more sauce on the side and with the fresh slaw ...

Crunchy Hawaiian Chicken Recipe

This Hawaiian chicken recipe has an awesome sweet and tangy sauce instead of a gravy.
This Hawaiian chicken recipe is not your ordinary fried chicken recipe. Instead of being marinated in buttermilk like a traditional fried chicken, this Hawaiian chicken is marinated in a pineapple marinade. What you get is the same tender chicken but with a lot more flavor from the pineapples and ...

Hawaiian Pork and Rice

Liven up mealtimes and enjoy ?summer flavors? with this refreshing combo!
Liven up mealtimes and enjoy 'summer flavors' with this refreshing combo! ...
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