Tiramisu with Hazelnut Cream Recipe

This version by Chef Faoro of what we all know and love, believe it or not, is ten times more satisfying.
Chef Faoro's version of the tiramisu we all know and love makes it, believe it or not,  ten times more satisfying.  Make and share this sweet and delicious tiramisu with hazelnut cream recipe in six easy steps! ...

Fruit Kebabs with Melted Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

These fruit kebabs are a real crowd-pleaser!
This one's a real crowd-pleaser! This easy fruit dessert is one you can use for impromptu parties. ...

Here's Everything You Can Do With Gardenia's New Choco Hazelnut Spread

Your choco-hazelnut addiction just became affordable.
Who doesn’t love melted chocolate? We bet you're one of those people who dunks a spoon right into the jar. Thank heavens for whoever thought to make chocolate into a spread.But chocolate spreads can be expensive. We, however, found a new chocolate spread that's affordable ...
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