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We Found Packs of Instant Pancake Mix That Are Actually Good For You

You can use them to make waffles, too!
Pancakes are a sweet treat loved all over the world. In fact, there are all kinds of ways to make pancakes depending on where you live. They've been especially popular in Manila amidst the community quarantine thanks to their fuss-free prep (just buy a ...

5 Delicious + Healthy Snacks to Combat Your Potato Chip Cravings

For when you get the munchies!
A bag of potato chips is probably one of most satisfying and accessible snacks out there. However, in the long run, chips can add a lot of extra salt and carbs to your diet, so you may want to watch just how ...

Looking For Keto Bread And Delicious Pastries? You Can Get Them From Healthy Options

The breads and pastries from Baking Therapy are now available for delivery.
Most of our essentials can now be ordered online and if you’ve been looking for specific food items such as keto and gluten-free bread, there’s good news. Healthy Options’ Baking Therapy line may now be ordered online!Choose from the white loaf bread, ...

These "Healthy Meals" Are Affordable!

"Healthy" never has to mean expensive! Here are great healthy options you can totally afford.
When it comes to eating better and healthier, the common misconception is that it's going to expensive.It's a sad misconception because there are many ingredients alternatives you can use that are in fact not that expensive. Plus, major supermarkets know that people are ...

Start Shopping Early: Here Are Some Healthy Christmas Gift Options

The best people in your life deserve the good stuff!
Let’s face it: we often do our gift shopping at the last minute! You don’t have to cram this year. Healthy Options gift sets are now available in stores. For health-conscious family members and friends, you can choose from the organic gift ...

The Biggest Healthy Options Store Has A Bakery That Sells Keto Bread, Pastries + More

It’s a great alternative to your usual coffee spot.
Step inside the Uptown BGC branch of Healthy Options and you’ll be surprised to see a small bakery and café welcoming you near the entrance. Welcome to Baking Therapy, Healthy Options’ bakery which offers a selection of keto bread, low-sugar pastries, and gluten-free bread.“I love ...

Treat Your Favorite People to These Good-For-You Food Gifts

The gift sets are inspired by the book, A Christmas Story!
Are you halfway done with your holiday gift shopping? Healthy Options’ holiday gift sets make it easier for you to get your favorite people the things they have on their wishlist. Inspired by the popular holiday tale by Charles Dickens, A Christmas ...

Quick and Easy Ingredient Swaps For Tastier, Healthier Meals

Looking for ways to prep healthy, tasty meals in no time? These easy tricks will save the day!
There comes a time in everyone’s life that all your meals can feel (and taste) monotonous because we don't have time to prep creative meals. You don’t have to stay in that slump. A little prep before heading to the grocery aisle can transform your ...

Go-Healthy Grocery Finds

Pack your grocery bag with these good-for-you picks.
Chobani Greek YogurtWhat’s better than snacking on yogurt? Spooning Greek yogurt out of small, carry-everywhere packs!P99.50, Available at Robinsons Selections, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City Lorenz Chips Sea Salt & Pepper Chips Can’t quit chips? Then go for the healthier version. Peppery ...
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