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Here's A Guilt-Free Way To Satisfy Your Taho Cravings

Taho-flavored chia pudding will be your new fave merienda!
There are few things as comforting as a fresh cup of taho: warm, sweet, and light; perfectly balanced thanks to the softness of the soy and the chewiness of the sago; all held togther by the syrupy arnibal. Not only does taho taste ...

These Dunkin-Inspired Choco Butternut Munchkins Are Low-Carb

Relive your childhood!
The nostalgic tastes that remind us of our childhood, whether sweet treats or satisfyingly greasy snacks, are often a little harder to enjoy in adulthood. Our bodies just don't have the same metabolism to handle all that sugar and fat anymore. If ...

These Chocolate Sandwich Cookies Will Let You Snack Guilt-Free

They're loaded with protein and fiber!
Chocolate sandwich cookies are one of those snacks that you only ever intend to eat one or two pieces of, but a few minutes later you realize you've eaten the whole bag in one sitting. No judgements here, we know how addicting ...

Craving Siomai? We Found a Guilt-Free Alternative

It uses fresh lean pork and contains no MSG!
Despite quarantine restrictions in Manila, all your favorite food from restaurants across the Metro are still very much within reach thanks to various delivery services. One popular restaurant food you might have been craving while cooped up at home is siomai. Accessible in pretty much ...

5 Delicious + Healthy Snacks to Combat Your Potato Chip Cravings

For when you get the munchies!
A bag of potato chips is probably one of most satisfying and accessible snacks out there. However, in the long run, chips can add a lot of extra salt and carbs to your diet, so you may want to watch just how ...

This Delicious Yellow Mango Crisps Is Now Available In Convenience Stores!

Trying to cut down on your junk food intake? Try this.
Are you still recovering from all the sinfully delicious food you ate during the Christmas season? Well, that doesn't mean you have toskip enjoying delicious food altogether. Oh So Healthy!'s fruit crisps are tasty and healthier alternatives to your salty snacks.It's available ...

Manila's First Healthy Snack Box Subscription Is Here!

Raw Bites provides easy access to healthy, natural, and GMO-free snacks.
Snacking is essential! Bites of this and that that give you energy to power through rushed mornings and drowsy afternoons but it's also better to make informed food choices by going for snacks that nourish.Raw Bites is a Philippine-based distributor of superfoods, ...
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