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Where to Find the Best Mangoes, Aligue, Rice, and Other Pinoy Ingredients

What regions produce the best Philippine ingredients?
From aromatic heirloom rice and succulent lobster, to indulgent aligue and rich chocolate, we’ve found some of the most impressive ingredients that the Philippines has to offer. What regions do the best of the best come from? Take a taste trip with ...

Discovery Suites' Has New Dishes Made with Ifugao Rice!

The Discovery Group teamed up with the Department of Agriculture to support the Heirloom Rice Project.
22 Prime, Discovery Suites Ortigas’ flagship restaurant, is introducing a line-up of delectable dishes made with sustainably sourced heirloom rice! In an effort to preserve the legacy of local farmers and their nutrient-packed, top-notch produce, the Discovery Group has partnered with the ...
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