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PSA: Heny Sison's First Online Class Is Now Open For Registration

Only 20 participants are allowed to sign up for this class.
Just in case you need a refresher: Heny Sison Culinary School posted on social media last May that the institution will soon offer online classes. And after almost a month of waiting, they announced that their first online class will be all about ...

Learn How To Make Kaliskis Empanada At This 1-Day Workshop

These empanadas are next-level delicious.
Do empanadas have a special place in your heart? These Spanish-Filipino pies come in so many shapes and sizes: there's the orange Ilocano empanada, the Vigan empanada, Red Ribbon's famous empanadas, and more. Whichever iteration though, it's a sure thing that these pies are ...

This Famous Chef Hopes to Put Traditional Filipino Desserts Back in the Spotlight

We talked to Chef Heny Sison about all things sweet.
Chef Heny Sison is one of the most recognized names in the Philippine culinary scene. She was one of the first "celebrity chefs" years before the term was coined.Sison gave up a career in finance to pursue her love of the culinary ...

Pastry Chef Heny Sison's No-Fail Leche Flan Recipe

This leche flan recipe is easy to remember!
“I cannot resist if I see leche flan,” says Heny Sison, gushing over her favorite Filipino dessert.As the founder of her eponymous baking school, the Heny Sison School of Cake Decorating and Baking, this pastry chef loves this dessert in its simplicity, ...

How to Make an Easy Bread Pudding

Turn your leftover breads into this easy-to-do bread pudding.
Too many leftover breads during breakfast? Why don't you turn it into this simple and easy-to-do bread pudding. Photography by Patrick Martires | Text and Research by Angelo Comsti | Demonstration by Cheers Vazquez, assisted by Christian Joson and Ariel Obando ...

How to Poach an Egg

It's not that complicated. It just takes three easy steps.
It takes just three easy steps to achieve a poached egg - a solid egg white, runny and soft egg yolk.           Make perfect poached eggs like on this Smoked Fish Baguette! See gallery below.Recipes with poached eggs:Poaching too complicated? Try other egg ...
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