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Hidilyn Diaz Gets A Year's Worth Of Free Cheesecake Milk Tea

Hidilyn loves cheesecake and milk tea!
Hidilyn Diaz won the Philippines' first ever Olympic gold medal and numerous congratulatory gifts have been offered to her. One of the more recent ones is a year's supply of Premium Cheesecake Milk Tea from milk tea shop Cha Tuk Chak.In a report ...

LIST: Restaurants Offering Hidilyn Diaz Free Food For Life

EVERYONE’S been focused on the big prizes: the millions of pesos from generous benefactors; the condos and house and lots; the free gas; the free flights (two times over, for two different airlines).But even small restaurants are humbly offering what they can ...

Olympic Weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz Is Homesick For This Classic Pinoy Dish

She misses eating this dish a lot.
Olympic medalist and weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz is set to compete at the Tokyo Olympics in July 2021. As part of her training, she went to Malaysia for her training and stayed there for three months, but plans changed and she had to extend her stay because ...
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