WATCH: Here's How Bibingka Is Made

This popular Simbang Gabi treat is one of the best things about the holidays!
Bibingka is a rice cake made with rice flour, coconut milk, and water and is traditionally eaten during the holidays. You can also make it at home using your oven:The Easy Way to Make BibingkaVisit our YouTube channel for more videos, recipes, ...

6 Cheery Cakes for Your Next Christmas Party

We can’t think of anything more festive than a cake.
There isn’t a food more festive than cake. Even in its simplest form, just plain and simply frosted, a cake is often a thing of joy, meant to celebrate something exciting and cheerful. Since Christmas is the season of joy, it would ...

Chocolate Christmas Cookies Recipe

Spread the holiday spirit by dusting confectioners? sugar over dark chocolate sugar cookies!
This chocolate cookie recipe is perfect for the Christmas season. Spread the holiday spirit by dusting confectioners’ sugar over dark chocolate sugar cookies! ...

Get Into the Christmas Spirit with These Puto Bumbong Pancakes

There is nothing better than Pinoy holiday food staples!
Christmas came early! On top of the Early Bird Breakfast Club’s awesome menu of all-day breakfast choices (because breakfast for dinner may just be on everyone’s list of favorite things), they have recently introduced an item that is reminiscent of a truly ...

Move Over, Christmas Ham! Beef Pastrami is Here

Make this juicy beef pastrami the star of your dinner spread.
Here’s an idea for this year’s Christmas centerpiece: juicy, tasty beef pastrami. Karla Reyes of The Plaza introduced this New York-style, hot-and-juicy wonder after her culinary stint in the United States, and it has been a best-seller on their menu ever since.You ...

These Potluck Picks Will Be a Hit at Your Christmas Parties!

Make sure to order early!
Christmas is just around the corner! Worrying about not having enough time to prepare a feast for all the holiday parties? Fret not and turn to some of the metro’s reliable food purveyors instead. We’ve rounded up some of our top picks ...

Nut Rum Cake Recipe

Give your traditional pound cake extra flavors with cashew nuts and rum.
Give your traditional pound cake extra flavors with cashew nuts and rum. ...

WATCH: How to Make a Delicious Noche Buena Feast in Under 3 Hours

It’s totally doable! We cooked this Noche Buena menu in record time, and so can you.
Nothing beats an elegant table setting filled with food you love for Noche Buena. But when strapped for time, it can be a hassle to put together a special meal when you only have a few hours to prepare. But we’re here to ...
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