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Yellow Cab's Lent-Friendly Pizza Bundle Will Save You P561!

Three meatless pizzas for P699? Not bad at all!
Who says you have to eat boring meatless meals during Lent? If you want to throw a pizza party for merienda or dinner with your friends or family, you still can because Yellow Cab is going to have a sulit promo which bundles three meatless ...

The Best Beachside Eats in Baler

We're glad to report that Baler is not just a surf spot!
Baler used to be a rustic and remote town. Now, it has become a bustling surfing and tourist destination. Located in the province of Aurora and known as the birthplace of Philippine surfing, what used to be a small sleepy town is ...

WATCH: How to Make a Poke Bowl

Make a colorful, delicious poke bowl at home!
Poke (pronounced as “poh-kay”) bowls are a favorite snack in Hawaii—made with fresh fish tossed in a tangy ponzu (citrus sauce) or soy sauce-sesame oil combo, and topped with absolutely anything you like, it’s an easy, no-cook dish that you can make ...

Here's How To Cook Different Kinds Of Fish + Recipes To Try

Don't get stuck in a seafood rut: there are many way to prepare fish that are available in markets.
If your seafood menu has become boring, try using other kinds of fish available in the market and see how easy it is to prepare them in different ways. Learn the different kinds of fish available in your local wet market or ...

We Have an Inkling You Will Love These Squid Recipes

Dig into these seafood-studded dishes!
Squid and other seafood dishes are always easy to prep because they cook very quickly. But when it comes to squid, you have to be careful to not overcook them. Otherwise, they become tough, chewy, and difficult to eat. If you’re going ...

Kick Off Your Kitchen Spring Cleaning With These Helpful Tips

Here’s how to create a kitchen that will put cooking shows to shame.
When cooking feels like a chore rather than a fun experience, take a look around—maybe your cluttered kitchen is the culprit. The kitchen is one of those spaces that easily becomes cluttered without us realizing it. From storing groceries to preparing your ...

Sweet Treats That Will Make Your Easter More Colorful

This is the perfect time to take on a fun baking (or no-baking) project!
These colorful desserts are perfect for this coming Easter weekend: they are fun, colorful, and easy to whip up with the kids. Which one are you going to do first?1 Chocolate Candy CookiesAre you done hiding all those Easter eggs? Reward yourself with a ...

Going on a Road Trip? Here's How to Pack Your Food Safely

Pack your food safely when you're going to hit the road!
The sun’s out and it’s time to hit the beach! Picnics and barbecues are part of the fun but you want to know: How do you safely transport your food to the picnic site?1 Use airtight containers and parchment paper.Food poisoning is ...

Anchovy Confetti Sauce

Anchovies add another depth of flavor to dishes, like in this one.
Anchovies add another depth of flavor to dishes, like in this one. Its strong taste is what makes you love or hate it.  Noodles to match: angel hair, fettuccine, linguine, spaghetti ...
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