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Recipes You Loved in February: Homemade Pandesal, Adobo sa Atsuete + More

Pinoy favorites and mango desserts take the spotlight!
 Bookmark these top recipes from last month! 1 Homemade PandesalNever thought you could make pandesal at home? Enjoy them warm with a little butter, jam, or dip it in coffee Filipino-style.2 Mango Float Freezer CakeNo ovens required! An Earl grey tea-flavored crust takes ...

WATCH: How to Make Homemade Filipino Pandesal

Try your hand at making pandesal at home!
Pandesal are soft and fluffy bread rolls that are a stape for every Filipino breakfast! One of the main ingredients in making pandesal is instant yeast. This helps your dough rise and double in size. Pandesal is typically enjoyed warm with a ...
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