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These Homemade Longganisa Recipes Are Made For Breakfast

They're not just for breakfast, too.
There are no better days than those that start off right. Breakfast is a great time to make a difference in someone's day and a delicious meal every morning definitely helps. If you're a fan of silogs, then these longganisa recipes should be right up there on your ...

Homemade Mini Sausages Recipe

These pork sausages can be shaped into patties for fuss-free cooking.
Making homemade pork sausages is easier than you think! You can shape them into patties for a fuss-free dinner. The added bacon helps these sausages stay moist and become more flavorful as they cook. ...

Pork Sausage Recipe

This homemade pork sausage recipe highlights well-loved Thai flavors.
This pork sausage recipe has surprising Thai flavors. Serve these homemade pork sausages with a fresh cucumber salad!  ...
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