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Have You Heard Of Hong Kong's Famous 'Sorrowful Rice'? Try This Recipe So You Can Make It At Home

This dish is nicknamed after the main character in Stephen Chow's movie "God of Cookery."
The Hong Kong Tourism Board recently held a Wine & Dine Festival that included two weeks' worth of online food workshops where chefs from around the world shared their recipes—which is perfect for quenching our thirst for traveling and dining out. One of the ...

Hong Kong-Style Beef Brisket Recipe

You can serve this in two different ways.
Hong Kong is known for its beef brisket. It's a must-try for those who visit the city! If you're curious how this delicious and iconic dish tastes and make it at home, here's an easy recipe that mimics the flavors you're looking for. Plus, we give ...

Hong Kong MX's New Decadent Pastries Should Be On Your Wishlist!

We're drooling just at the sight of it.
Hong Kong MX brought their famous mooncakes—its popularity amongst its patrons even resulted in it being sold in the black market. They recently brought these mooncakes in the Philippines last August, but for the holidays, they're bringing more of their equally-mouthwatering pastries: Hearty Butter ...

Everything You Need To Know About Hong Kong's Popular Souffle Pancakes

We have the deets of the menu, prices, location, and opening promo! is a Hong Kong-based shop known for its Japanese souffle pancakes. They only have one branch located along Nathan Road in Mongkok and the second branch in Asia is in Manila!’s grand opening is scheduled on October 26, 2019, at the newly-opened ...

This Brown Sugar Drink Is Made With Sweet Yellow Mangoes!

This Hong Kong brand uses Philippine mangoes.
Hui Lau Shan is a Hong Kong brand known for its mango beverages. Last August, they launched their new Brown Sugar Series, but it was not available in all branches then. If you weren’t able to try it, don’t worry! Because of ...

This Japanese Dessert Shop Will Soon Open In BGC!

It’s their first ever franchise outside Hong Kong!
There are various shaved icy desserts that different cultures enjoy. In the Philippines, we have halo-halo, Korea has bingsu, Taiwan has baobing, Singapore has ais kacang, and you can find snow cone and ice pops (or ice candy, as Pinoys call it) in ...

Hong Kong's Famous Mango Dessert Is Coming to Manila

We can't wait for mango sago!
Mango has always been a Pinoy staple—if you remember your elementary-school classes, you'd know that it's our national fruit, after all. But mangoes really took the spotlight this year, with many queueing up for the popular mango-float dessert that was all over social ...

You Don't Want To Miss Out On This Hong Kong Roasted Goose!

For a limited time only, get a taste of this special century-old Roasted Goose recipe.
This Christmas season, there's no better way to treat yourself than to reward yourself with an indulgent meal. This holiday season, Marco Polo Manila's Lung Hin welcomed back Chef Billy Cheong with his grandfather’s century-old traditional way of preparing Roasted Goose, a Hong Kong fine dining ...

Flying to Hong Kong Anytime Soon? Here Is What and Where You Should Eat

Hakaw, egg tarts, pork chops, and more!
Are you one of those people who travel to eat? Hong Kong is undeniably one of the funnest places to do so! Will plenty of options when it comes to both restaurants and dishes, it should be nothing less than an adventure ...
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