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Spicy Sautéed Hot Dog with Ketchup Recipe

Even hot dogs are better with some heat!
This is a super simple recipe made of hot dogs, onions, and ketchup. It's super tasty already so a boost of heat, courtesy of some sriracha, is added to give it a lip-tingling touch with every bite. It's a sign that you're enjoying your ...

This Is How You Make A Dish Better With Hotdogs

It's a tender, juicy, and delicious ingredient, too.
Everybody needs to eat, so knowing how to cook at home can be one of the best skills you can learn. Cooking is all about knowing your ingredients, inside and out, and what to combine it with to make something delicious. It's a ...

Beef Menudo With Hot Dogs Recipe

Make your classic pork menudo easily better by using beef instead.
This classic menudo just became better with the simple swap of beef. It's still just as delicious with a different kind of meatiness! This traditional pork stew recipe is made beefier with beef chunks but it still has the same savory tomato sauce, cubes of potatoes and ...
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