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Got P499? Use It To Enjoy Unlimited Chicken Wings And Unlimited Whole Pizzas!

This also includes bottomless iced tea!
What's better than chicken wings and pizza? Unlimited chicken wings and pizza! If you're looking for a place that offers a limitless amount of chicken and pizza, House of Lasagna is where you should go.For only P499, House of Lasagna is offering unlimited ...

Have You Ever Had Silvanas As Huge As A Cake?

We know where you can try it!
Silvanas (or sylvanas) are usually made in the shape of chunky, thick cookies and it's not often that you get to enjoy this buttery sweet treat in larger proportions. If you want to enjoy bigger-sized silvanas, House of Lasagna has now turned their famous ...

LIST: Ube Cakes You Can Order On GrabFood And Foodpanda

There's always room for ube cake.
The sight of a purple-hued cake can make any Pinoy giddy with excitement. After all, who wouldn't love an ube cake for dessert or merienda? Lucky for you and your ube dessert cravings, there are several ube cake options available for delivery via GrabFood and Foodpanda.Price: ...

This NEW Ube Cake Looks So Good And It Costs Less Than P1,000

There's also a chocolate truffle and a classic carrot cake from the same shop.
Right after you've had your lasagna cravings satisfied at the House of Lasagna, you can end your meal on a sweet note with any of their new premium cakes: Ultimate Ube Halaya, Dark Chocolate Truffle, and the Classic Carrot.The Ultimate Ube Halaya ...

Lasagna Fans, House of Lasagna Is Offering Free Delivery

We know you want some.
We believe—and we hope you agree—that lasagna, just as a food, has everything going for it. Layered pasta? Check. Layered tomato sauce? Check. Layered cheese and/or bechamel? Check. Fun to cut through and look at the cross-section? Absolutely. The only caveat is ...
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