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KITCHEN TRICKS: Use Your Rice Cooker To "Bake" A Cake

You can even "bake" brownies!
If you have a rice cooker, you already know that you can cook rice in it. There are inserts included in even the most basic rice cookers that allow you to steam food in it, too. This steamer insert is important when steaming vegetables, ...

Baking A Cake? You'll Want To Do This Before You Make The Batter

This will guarantee that no cake will ever stick to your baking pan ever again.
One of the biggest problems new bakers have when baking any cake is the cake sticking to the baking pan.  The crux of the problem can be that they do not yet know how to properly prepare their baking pans. +Bakers need to be meticulous about this first ...

This Is The Baking Trick You Should Use To Prevent Your Cake Top From Burning

You can use this neat tip for your roasts, too.
Have you ever baked a cake and ended up with cake tops that were too brown or even burnt before the cake was baked through? One of the reasons that your cake tops are browning way too fast may be your temperature or your oven. Here ...

White Cake Recipe

You can make this white cake using egg whites.
Do you love making leche flan? If you do, then you use up a lot of egg yolks, but what do you do with all those egg whites? Don't throw those egg whites away! Instead, transfer those whites into a container and freeze ...

Make Soft And Moist Cakes And Cupcakes Every Time With This Baking Hack

This is game-changing.
Did you know that sour cream is a game-changing ingredient when you're baking cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and other baking recipes?Sour cream is not a regular item on major supermarket chiller shelves, and it can be quite expensive, too. When it is available, however, we always feel ...

WATCH: This Vanilla Cake Is The Perfect Treat To Kick Off The Holidays

Improve your cake game with this simple but delish cake!
If you ever find a simple yet moist vanilla cake to be boring, drizzle on some chocolate and you may change your mind. As if making a cake is not enough, this otherwise normal vanilla cake is made better, more appetizing and totally delicious with a ...

WATCH: Get Vanilla And Chocolate Flavors With This Delicious Cake

If you're unsure which flavor you love best, this is the cake to bake.
Vanilla and chocolate are well-loved flavors. If you've ever had the problem of which flavor you want in your cake, this is the cake you should make because it doesn't make you choose! This marble cake has both flavors! Since this cake is delicious and moist all on its ...

WATCH: How To Make An Easy Sprinkles Cake

Rainbow sprinkles make every cake better, inside and out!
Using rainbow sprinkles as decoration is the fast and easy way to instantly add color to any cake. It's so easy, the kids can help garnish an otherwise plain cake into one that's eye-catching and colorful. It's no wonder that someone discovered that adding ...

This Is Why Your Eggs Need To Be At Room Temperature When Baking

It pays to be extra precise when baking a cake.
“Baking is a science” is the oft-mentioned excuse when something goes wrong with a recipe. Many are more comfortable with the casualness of cooking because you can add a pinch of this and that at different stages of the cooking process and usually, ...

5 Things You Should Never Forget to Do Before Baking a Cake

Always remember these important prep steps for baking cakes!
Cake baking, as fun as it is, always gets a little technical when it comes to how your prep for the recipe and how you put the ingredients together. To make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible before you start whipping ...

WATCH: Tips and Tricks to Baking the Best Cakes

Make great-tasting cakes with these tips!
 When it comes to baking cakes, there are some secrets on how you can make it better. Make sure that you read the recipe properly, use the best ingredients possible (weighed properly) and have all the right tools. ALSO READ: ...'s Newbie's Guide to Baking Cakes

Making a pretty cake should be a breeze, whether or not it’s your birthday.
If you’ve always wanted to learn how to express yourself by way of cake, but don’t exactly know where to begin, look no further! We rounded up easy lessons, tips and tricks to help you make the showstopper cake of your dreams.First ...
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