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5 Things You Need To Know Before Making Cookies

Learning how to bake cookies is your intro to baking.
Everyone loves a good cookie. If you want to know how to make cookies and do it well, here are our best tips on how to make cookies any time the craving hits:  When it says an ingredient should be "chilled", "at room temperature", ...

This Is The 5-Ingredient Cookie You Should Make

This easy cookie will blow your mind.
Have you been making leche flan lately? If you have, you either saved the egg whites that you didn't need after making the leche flan or you threw it out, not knowing a need or reason to save it. If you saved those egg ...

Yes, You Can "Bake" A Cookie In A Frying Pan

This kitchen hack to baking will have you making cookie dough right now.
Do you have a small kitchen and refuse to get an oven because you just don't have space for it? Perhaps you do have space but find that it's not worth it to have one? That's okay. It's a fact that many of us ...

WATCH: How To Make Dark Chocolate Crinkles

Black cocoa powder ensures the chocolate is deep, dark, and delicious.
There are more ways to make chocolate crinkles than you think! We have many chocolate crinkles recipes, and each one is a gloriously fudgy and delicious cookie recipe that you're going to want to try.We have a classic chocolate crinkle recipe and video that shows ...

What You Can Do To Avoid Overcooking Cookies + Brownies

Stop making hard cookies and brownies.
If you’re brave enough to start baking, you deserve a delicious reward! Biting into a gooey, molten, and perfectly baked disc or square with an irresistible aroma of vanilla and chocolate notes is nearly heavenly.Sadly, one of the easiest things to do ...

What To Do When Your Cookies Are Dry

It's time to get to the bottom of this!
If you’ve tried baking cookies, it’s not unusual to end up with dry, tough cookies. It’s good to know that you’re not alone, and there are many solutions to this problem. First off, let’s figure out what you can do with your ...
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