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Here's The Fun And Easy Way To Peel Boiled Eggs

Don't become frustrated!
Hard-boiled eggs can be hard to peel. The membrane that protects the egg also prevents it from being peeled easily, too. There are a few ways to do this easily and we know there's a way to peel eggs easily. However, there's another way to ...

You Can Microwave Instead Of Boiling Eggs! Here's How To Do It Safely

You can poach and hard boil eggs in the microwave!
Anyone who has ever had problems cooking a hard-boiled egg on the stovetop will be delighted to know that you can do it in the microwave. The microwave oven is fast and easy to use compared to the stove and while it is the faster kitchen ...

Here Are 3 Ways To Cook Eggs + All The Recipes You Need

Eggs can be intimidating to cook!
If you've ever had doubts about how to cook an egg right, we've gathered all the tips you need to overcome that mental challenge and face it. Once you do, an extra filling and delicious meal will always be ready to make. Would you believe ...

Be an Eggs-pert: How to Boil Better Eggs

Make beautiful, perfect hard-boiled eggs every time!
 Boiling an egg should be as easy as boiling water. But, knowing how long to boil it (and a few other boiling tips) is crucial in ensuring that your egg is cooked to your desired doneness. While there is no fool-proof method ...
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