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How To Clean Your Refrigerator For The New Year

Here's a step-by-step list of things to do.
The refrigerator is one of the biggest appliances you'll have in your home. In the kitchen, it's the most hardworking since it's basically plugged in 24/7. There's no stopping it from doing its job, and only a power interruption or a broken part will make ...

How To Clean Your Oven Racks Until They Shine

We have tips!
The biggest challenge of having an oven is cleaning it. It's not like the stove where you can easily spot the drips, drops, and food particles easily. Just like the microwave oven, it's a 360-degree cleaning job that you need to do. Not only that, ...

How To Clean A Chopping Board To Make It Look New

Stained cutting board? Here’s how to clean it like brand new.
Does your chopping board have a stain? If it does, you have probably tried to remove it using a number of ways, including scrubbing it with salt and dishwashing soap foam to lift the stain from the board. If that didn't work, we found a genius chopping board cleaning ...

How To Clean Your Air Fryer

Your favorite kitchen appliance needs some tender love and care, too.
The air fryer is the unsung kitchen hero of the quarantine kitchen. From the simple oil-free cooking of frozen chicken nuggets and French fries to cooking and baking everything in it, too, the air fryer has become indispensable for many home cooks ...

This Is The Easy Way To Clean Your Blender

This tip will get that blender clean, fast.
Does the thought of trying to clean and wash an appliance a big obstacle to you using it? We totally understand. Appliances are hard to clean, especially those with lots of parts or have sharp blades that you need to clean thoroughly before storing. If ...

Avoid This When Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Appliances

Prevent streaks and rust and have it looking like new again!
The refrigerator door, especially its handle, is probably the most commonly used appliance in your kitchen. It should be one of the most commonly cleaned things in your kitchen. You should be cleaning not just the handle itself but the entire length ...

Do You Clean Your Can Opener? Here's How To Do It

Yes, can openers need to be washed, too!
Do you clean your can opener after every use? If you do, that's great! Can openers are super useful kitchen tools that it's often neglected. It needs to be washed! Opening cans with a can opener that still has leftover food on it can cause it ...

How To Clean Your Oven Toaster

Learn how to do it right so you can do this regularly.
How often do you clean your kitchen? Weekly? Daily? After every dish is cooked? That's probably how often most of us clean the kitchen, but how often do you clean your appliances? Of all the spots in the kitchen that needs a thorough cleaning, the oven ...

We Have Tips on How to Clean Your Microwave Oven, Refrigerator + More

When was the last time you cleaned your appliances?
In no other room of the house is cleanliness more important than in the kitchen. This is, after all, where all your food prep happens. A clean kitchen means a clean bill of health. We asked help from Lady Mayo, Associate Professor ...
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