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DTI Clarifies Its Suggested Standards On How To Cook Filipino Adobo

The department established a technical committee that will standardize Filipino recipes.
The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) earlier announced its suggestion to have standardized recipes for some Filipino recipes such as the well-loved adobo. The department said its Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS) established a technical committee that will standardize Filipino recipes, the first being ...

6 Ways To Make Adobong Pusit Delicious

Squid has never been this appetizing!
Squid is one of those ingredients that you might love to eat but hate to prepare. It's one of the many ingredients that require more than just cutting into pieces and dumping into your dish. It requires more attention to detail than that!  You need ...

Crispy Fried Chicken Adobo Recipe

This mashup of chicken adobo and fried chicken will be your new favorite chicken dinner.
There are many ways to make chicken adobo but we bet you never thought to make your adobo extra crispy. By using the breading method used in fried chicken and swapping out the buttermilk mixture and using the flavorful adobo marinade instead, you get a delicious ...

Tokwang Adobo Sa Gata Recipe

This meatless adobo has all the flavors plus the creaminess of gata.
Mix it up and make your adobo meatless with this easy swap to tofu.The process is almost the same when it comes to making the swap from meat like pork or chicken to tofu. The big difference is that instead of simmering the meat until tender, you ...

Adobong Manok Sa Gata At Piña Recipe

Mas pinasarap itong adobong manok recipe na 'to!
Sawa ka na ba sa adobong manok? Ang adobo recipe na ito ay may gata at pinya, at parang pinagsamang adobong manok sa gata recipe at pininyahang manok recipe. Isama ang patatas sa pagluto para maging mas nakakabusog ang ulam!  ...

Use This Secret Formula To Make The Perfect Adobo Recipe

It's no secret how to make delicious adobo. You just have to know this simple formula.
Adobo is arguably the Philippines' most popular dish. It's fitting that one of our most beloved every day ulam recipe is known to the world to be the type of food Filipino cuisine is all about. Ironically, it is the embodiment of Filipino food. Filipino food ...

Here's What You Should Know About Adobo

Here are quick, interesting facts about a Filipino favorite.
Undoubtedly a local favorite, adobo can refer either to the traditional pork or chicken stew itself or the cooking process of protein, seafood, or vegetables being cooked or marinated in a sauce of vinegar, soy sauce, black peppercorns, and bay leaves.Like most ...

Inigang Adobong Manok at Baboy Recipe

This adobo is less saucy compared to the traditional recipe.
This adobo is less saucy compared to the traditional recipe. The meat is fried after simmering, locking in all the glorious flavors. ...

Adobong Pusit Recipe (Squid Adobo)

This Filipino squid dish uses the adobo method (cooking meat in a soy sauce-and-vinegar mixture).
This Filipino squid dish uses the adobo method  (cooking meat in a soy sauce-and-vinegar mixture) and squid is simmered until the liquid becomes a savory-sour sauce. It's a well-loved dish for a reason: it's easy-to-make plus it has all the familiar sweet, sour, and savory adobo ...

The New York Times' Chicken Adobo Recipe: Have You Tried This Version Before?

According to The Times, adobo “holds the power to change moods and alter dining habits.”
.Screencap from The New York TimesAccording to The New York Times, adobo is “the national dish of the Philippines, and the subject of intense and delicious debate across its 7,100 islands whether made with chicken, pork or fish.” Their version is a ...

5 Secrets to Tasty Adobo

This dish is almost always on everyone’s "favorite" list. But how do you make perfect adobo all the time?
Humble yet hearty and satisfying, adobo is a favorite that never fails to bring comfort to Filipinos. Every household has their own tried-and-tested recipe and their own way of cooking up a perfect pot. It will be hard to emulate everyone’s lola/ ...
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