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All The Kaldereta Cooking Tips You Need

Make sure you cook only the best kaldereta!
You can find beef stew in most places around the world! The most notable of these may be the boeuf bourguignon of France, a rich beef stew simmered in red wine.  We have our own beef stew, too. The kaldereta, while originally is a ...

3 Quick Ways To Make Beef Tender

Learn to cook beef until fork-tender quickly.
Tough cuts of meat are much more affordable but can be hard to chew if not cooked right. Whether you're cooking beef chunks or bulalo, these cuts of beef need to be cooked until these are tender so you don't have to fight with ...

Yes, You Can Cook Beef Faster For Weeknight Meals

This meal planning idea will make your beef-loving heart happy.
Love beef but hate how long it takes to cook? You're not alone. There are a few answers to this cooking dilemma. One answer is to purchase a pressure cooker or instant pot so that you only need an hour to tenderize beef cubes into fork-tender meat ...

5 Mistakes You Might Be Making When Cooking Meat

Cook that meat right.
Meat is part of our daily diet and that’s why it's so important that we don’t fail when it comes to cooking it. Whether you're cooking pork, chicken, beef, or any other meat, you should know how to cook it right, so you ...

Is Your Beef Tapa Rubbery? Here's How To Fix It

Tapa is not supposed to be chewing gum!
Beef Tapa explodes with flavor at the touch of your tongue, and bursts with even more pockets of flavor as you chew. That’s what makes it so perfect with hot, steaming rice. It’s what keeps you coming back for more and more.However, sometimes, you ...

You Only Need Three Ingredients To Make A Delicious Salpicao Recipe

Three ingredients make for a really great dish.
Who doesn't love salpicao? There is something truly delicious about biting into a tender piece of meat and savoring its juiciness and its flavor.Whether it's the classic beef, the white meat chicken, or chunks of meat substitutes such as mushrooms or even tofu squares, salpicao is ...

This Kitchen Tool Can Change The Way You Cook Your Beef Caldereta

It can also tenderize the toughest meats!
If you've never heard of or are afraid to use a pressure cooker, you don't need to be. The pressure cooker was once a feared and misunderstood kitchen appliance, but it is no longer that, all thanks to modern technology.Many have told their successful pressure ...
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