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All The Reasons Why Your Chicken Is Dry

Don't keep making the same mistakes.
It’s always a little sad when you’re disappointed by a dry piece of chicken. Dry chicken is stringy, tough, and unpleasant to eat. If you keep cooking chicken that is dry, you need to stop, take a breath, and read this article. Only then can you ...

This Cooking Trick Will Ensure Your Chicken Will Always Cook Evenly

These chicken breasts will cook more evenly when you do this.
No matter what part of the chicken you're cooking, there is always a danger of not cooking your chicken evenly. That's because chicken parts contain bones. Not only that, chicken pieces can have different sizes.However, this danger of uneven cooking can be prevented ...

How To Save Your Overcooked Chicken Breast

Transform it from tough and dry to extra delicious!
Chicken breast is the quick-cooking lean meat that is a favorite among dieters, thanks to its high protein and low-fat quality. Sadly, because of its low-fat content, breast chicken is also ridiculously easy to overcook. It’s the fat that maintains moistness in ...

5 Mistakes You Might Be Making When Cooking Meat

Cook that meat right.
Meat is part of our daily diet and that’s why it's so important that we don’t fail when it comes to cooking it. Whether you're cooking pork, chicken, beef, or any other meat, you should know how to cook it right, so you ...

WATCH: These Chicken Recipes Are All You Need

These reliable recipes are easy to whip!
Choosing to make a chicken dish is almost always a no-brainer: chicken is versatile, cooks easily, and can be turned into so many dishes. From fried chicken to ones with a delicious creamy sauce, or a roasted chicken that has succulent flavorful ...

This Trick Will Make Juicier, Tastier Chicken

Say goodbye to dry chicken.
Chicken is a fantastic ingredient: it’s delicious, easy to prepare, and can actually be quite healthy. Still, it's only too easy to cook chicken and have it  come out a bit dry. You can do something about it so you can have juicier, ...

These Are The Manok Recipes You Should Be Cooking

You can cook chicken in so many ways, and they're all delicious.
There's no limit to the number of chicken recipes you to try! Chicken is a versatile ingredient and it always tastes good. However, you can mess up a chicken recipe. It's hard to do but overcooking chicken, not cooking it enough, or not seasoning your chicken ...

These Are The 4 Best Tips to Grilling Chicken Perfectly

A perfectly grilled chicken tastes like heaven.
Grilling is perhaps one of the best highlights of the summer. Whether you’re grilling in your backyard or by the beach, taking out that grill always results in an unforgettable, smoky meal. However, it’s not always so easy when you’re trying to ...

Are Your Drumsticks and Chicken Wings Cooked Through?

It’s a simple trick that anyone can do.
Cooking chicken on the bone is one of the best ways to cook it. The meat that’s nearest the bones is some of the most flavorful pieces you will ever taste (There’s a reason why stock is made from bones). Not only ...

3 Ways To Cook a Flavorful, Moist and Juicy Chicken Dish

Cook an entire chicken using these techniques to get a satisfyingly tasty meal.
Chicken is a universally loved meat. Everyone loves it, from fried chicken pieces to the layered terrine slices that make it onto a fine dining plate. It’s versatile enough to be fried, steamed, poached, pureed, shredded, boiled, broiled, roasted, and grilled.With so ...

Is Your Chicken Safe? Here's How to Buy, Handle, and Cook Chicken Properly

If handled and cooked properly, chicken can be safe from food poisoning hazards.
Chicken gets a bad rep from being a food safety nightmare. It is often called out for being a possible carrier of the salmonella bacteria.The recent news in the Philippines about an avian flu outbreak in Nueva Ecija has resulted to culling, ...

Free-Range, Organic + More: We Help You Decode Those Chicken Labels

Know what these all mean!
We’ve seen it. We didn’t get it all either. So we looked into all these labels to find out what you should know when shopping for chicken at the supermarket and your local butcher shop.Free Range Simply put, these chickens were raised ...

Chicken Cooking Tips: Brining, Stuffing, and Poaching Secrets You Must Know

Chicken can be cooked in so many ways. Here are a few tips!
.Brining the BirdSome cooks swear that the secret to a moist and tender whole roasted chicken is brining. How to do it right: Soak poultry in a brine solution of 1 ½ cups salt and 1 ½ cups sugar to 1 ½ gallons ...
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