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Craving Good Fried Chicken? Satisfy Those Cravings With These Recipes

You can have your favorite kind of fried chicken at home.
Crispy, perfectly seasoned fried chicken is what many of us fell in love with at a young age. Chicken is the preferred meat for many kids and it's a delicious choice. There are special seasonings, breading, batters, and even secret herb mixes that ...

Everything You Need To Make Crunchy Korean Fried Chicken

Learn how to cook the super crispy fried chicken you see in all the K-dramas!
Have you ever bitten into a piece of fried chicken and savored the sound of the crunch as you broke through the crispy skin to reveal the juicy, tender meat inside? This kind of chicken is only made even better when it's glazed with a supremely ...

Everything You Need To Know About Cooking Fried Chicken

You can end cooking bad fried chicken with these tips and tricks.
There's nothing sadder than eating what should be a fantastic fried chicken plate. You know what we mean when it's a #chickensad meal: the chicken skin isn't golden brown and it's not crisp, the skin is super tasty but the meat itself is dry ...

WATCH: This Is The No-Fuss Classic Fried Chicken Recipe You Want

This is the fried chicken recipe for you.
If you want a nostalgic taste of home cooking, you should try this classic fried chicken recipe. There are no fancy techniques involved in making this recipe. This classic fried chicken recipe requires no overnight marinating. Just season, dredge, and cook.This is the fried chicken recipe for every ...

This Cooking Trick Makes Perfectly Golden Brown Fried Chicken + More Frying Tips

We have more cooking tips for perfectly golden brown and delicious fried chicken.
Fried chicken is a universal favorite and there are many ways to prepare it, too. From maximizing flavor by marinating your chicken in buttermilk to how to maintain your oil temperature and not drain to on paper towels to ensure maximum crunchiness, we think you're ...

How to Keep Glazed Fried Chicken Super Crispy

Yes, you can have crispy fried chicken skin under that glaze.
It's a sad fact that anything soggy–especially fried chicken–is filed under bad meals. Nobody likes anything that's limp, wet, and basically, inedible. It's not only unappetizing, but it's also bad cooking. But there is a way to help avoid it with a simple addition to ...

Frying Chicken 101: How To Prevent Oil Splatters

Here’s what to do to prevent "talsik".
The Koreans may be on to something more with their double fried chicken technique. You not only ensure the chicken is cooked through because it’s fried twice, you also get a fabulously crunchy crust on each fried chicken piece you bite into. ...

This Is The Common Mistake People Make When Frying Food

Never skip or rush this step!
It’s a known fact that you should heat up your pan before you start cooking. After all, you’re going to need it to be hot to cook food. But it's also important that the frying oil should be hot as well.All too often, ...

The Best Ways to Reheat Chicken and Still Get Crunchy, Crispy Skin

Say no to soggy fried chicken! This is how you turn leftover fried chicken crispy again.
It’s a #chickensad story when your leftover fried chicken becomes soggy. What formerly had a crispy, crunchy skin on your fried chicken won’t stay that way, so the best time to eat fried chicken is soon after cooking.No need to fret though. If ...

5 Mistakes You're Making When Cooking Fried Chicken

Good fried chicken is just a few crucial steps away.
Are you still looking for the perfect fried chicken recipe? News flash: you may already know it. You’re just not doing something right. Here’s what you might be doing that is preventing you from achieving fried chicken perfection.1 Forgetting to brine. If ...

How to Cook the Best-Tasting Fried Chicken

These tweaks are bound to make crispy fried chicken the star of your meal.
Fried chicken is one of the trendiest food items these days. Biting into crispy skin and enjoying moist, juicy meat brings us utter joy. But if spending a couple hundred bucks for two pieces of fried chicken feels too excessive, then just ...
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