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How To Make Arroz Valenciana + Tips

This gorgeous rice in a pan is a complete meal on its own.
When it comes to rice, a steaming bowl of rice isn't always the appetizing side you want with your meal, especially if you are serving it up with some festive meats and vegetables. Few dishes can beat a good arroz valenciana, known as the Filipino ...

Here Are Fried Rice Tips You Should Use For Your Next Meal

Your favorite fried rice recipe can be made better.
It's amazing how a flavorful fried rice can make a meal more satisfying. It's one of the dishes you most likely eat every day. This is the sinangag or garlic fried rice you cooked and served with your beef tapa, tocino, or dating ...

How To Cook Perfect Rice If Your Rice Cooker Is Failing You

Not all rice cookers are perfect.
Every Pinoy home probably has a rice cooker. In fact, almost every Asian home will have some form of a rice cooker in their kitchen. The pressurized smart rice cookers that can double as an instant pot have recently become the hot small kitchen appliance ...

Know How Much Water To Add To Cook Rice Right

Fluffy rice is the goal, not a soggy mush.
When it comes to meals, most Pinoys need rice for a meal to be complete. That means we need a bowl of rice and its satisfying heft with every meal! From the popular portmanteau "tapsilog" that marries all three components of our favorite breakfast into one word to the hearty sinigang, adobo, ...

Put Too Much Water In Your Rice? Save It With These Tips

Don't throw away precious rice.
We all make mistakes. Whether you’re a beginner cook or not, adding too much water to your rice might have happened to you or might happen to you in the future. It’s best to be ready when it happens! It’s bad for ...

How To Make The Best Garlic Rice Of Your Life

Your tapsilog will never be the same again.
Garlic fried rice is life. It’s what makes your breakfast hearty, satisfying, and the perfect pairing to tapa, tocino, daing, and a beautiful sunny-side-up egg.While everyone may know how to make garlic fried rice, we think you can do better. All you ...

This Is How You Cook Rice Without A Rice Cooker

Cooking rice is simple if you know a few tips and tricks, including how to use your hand.
Is this how you measure the water when cooking rice? If you answered "Yes!" we bet you're Filipino!Learning how to cook rice is an important life skill, whether your rice cooker suddenly died on you or you're a new cook learning how to ...

Did You Know That You Can Cook Rice in Just 12 Minutes?

The fastest, easiest way to cook rice will make your life a hundred times better.
Have you ever cooked a warm hot dish then realized you’d forgotten to cook rice? We discovered a better, no-fail way to cook rice.At the recent launch of the Whirlpool Kitchen Club, we learned about a smart kitchen hack you can use every ...

WATCH: How to Cook Perfectly Fluffy Rice, Every Time

Follow these easy steps to get fluffy steamed rice!
Who doesn't love fluffy rice? We pair most Pinoy dishes with steamed rice and while it's relatively easy to cook, not all grains are cooked the same way. It all starts with your favorite grain variant–white, red, brown– that has been rinsed well ...

Guide to Cooking Rice

Different grains are cooked differently.
For us Asians, cooking rice is one of the simplest things we can do in the kitchen. Just pour cups of rice and water into the cooker, wait for a few good minutes, and voila–our staple side dish is ready! But believe ...
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