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More Pusit Recipes You Need To Try

If you love squid, you'll love the fact that we have more recipes you gotta taste!
Adobong pusit is delicious. We know this because we know how many of you love the recipe! Squid fans know that there is a trick to cooking squid. You either cook it long and slow or cook it incredibly fast. There is no middle ground ...

4 Delicious Ways To Cook Tahong

Tahong, or mussels, are so easy to cook, you can do it differently every time.
Tahong, or the Asian green mussel, are a delicious shellfish that is one of the more affordable bundles you can get at your local palengke or supermarket. It's plentiful when available, and best of all, it makes a great meal. If you love tahong, just always ...

How To Cook Squid That's Not Chewy

Never serve rubbery squid again!
We’ve all been heavily disappointed over squid that’s been overcooked. It becomes tough and rubbery, and you might even hurt your jaw with all the chewing. That’s just not how squid is supposed to be enjoyed! Perfectly cooked squid is soft, tender, ...
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