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Everything You Need To Know About Cooking Pusit

The squid or pusit is so delicious, you need to learn all these tips so you can cook it right.
Squid, or the pusit, is plain delicious. One of the most popular recipes we have is the adobong pusit recipe, and it's no wonder. Squid is a fast cooking ingredient, just like most seafood, but it's heartier, it's tastier, and it's a great alternative ...

How To Select and Store Squid Like a Boss

Take care of that delicious fresh squid!
There are so many ways to enjoy pusit (squid)—whether as ulam or pulutan, it easily brings a smile to people's faces. Sustain those smiles by making sure you use well-prepped, cleaned, well-chosen, and, of course, the freshest squid.Here’s all you need to ...

How To Cook Squid That's Not Chewy

Never serve rubbery squid again!
We’ve all been heavily disappointed over squid that’s been overcooked. It becomes tough and rubbery, and you might even hurt your jaw with all the chewing. That’s just not how squid is supposed to be enjoyed! Perfectly cooked squid is soft, tender, ...

Here's What You Should Do So You Don't Overcook Shrimp Or Squid

This simple trick is all you need to know so you never overcook shrimps or squid again.
If you are perpetually overcooking shrimps or squid when cooking, this is the only cooking tip you will need. It's a rather simple tip that ensures that no matter what type of cooking you're doing with the seafood, be it steaming, frying, sauteing, simmering, grilling, or roasting, you ...

5 Secrets To Cooking Great Calamares

There are only two ways to cook squid: short and fast or long and slow.
Time to be frank; there is no middle ground when it comes to cooking squid. You either cook it fast. Or cook it long. When you cook it fast, it must be over high heat so that the squid cooks in less ...

Pusit Cooking Mistakes You Are Making

Fix your cooking mistakes to avoid eating rubbery calamares ever again.
Squid is a fast and easy seafood ingredient to cook but it's also likely you'll end up with rubbery squid. Avoid tough and rubbery adobong pusit or squid rings with these tips:Like most seafood, squid spoils quickly, so the best practice is to ...
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