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What Is Reverse Searing?

Ready for a game changer?
Have you tried cooking a steak? Then you’ve probably come across the typical way of cooking it: searing a cut of steak on a cast-iron pan at room temperature, then finishing it on low heat in the oven. However, this can yield ...

This Is How Argentinians Cook Their Beef

This hotel chef shows Argentinian beef to delicious perfection.
Argentinian cuisine is becoming more popular with its stunning display of roasted meats on spits carried around at meat buffets. What most don't know is that it's the cut of beef and how it's cooked that makes Argentinian beef so delicious. That's because, from choosing ...

Get the New York Steakhouse Experience at Wolfgang's Steakhouse

They have a new branch at the Podium in Ortigas.
A simple and straightforward menu and interiors filled with dark wood will greet you at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse at the Podium Mall in Ortigas— it is after all a New York steakhouse through and through. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse was opened by Mr. Wolfgang Zwiener ...

Steak with Truffle Fries Recipe

Pair your steak with a side of truffle fries!
When cooking steak, a good sear is the only way to get a crusty exterior that gives your steak fantastic flavor. Also, French fries are a classic side to steak, but are elevated with a few drops of truffle oil. Yum! ...

Everything You Need to Know About Cooking Steak

We rounded up all our best steak tips and recipes!
Steak is the ultimate treat: juicy, tender, and crazy tasty. There are also plenty of ways to cook it! Read through all our best prep tips for steak, as well as steak recipes that guide you through every step of the process. It’s a dish that is ...

Follow These 5 Steps to Cook Melt-In-Your-Mouth Steak

Channel your inner chef and make restaurant-quality steak at home with these tips!
The festive months are just around the corner, so gear up for the ultimate celebration dish: steak! Treat this indulgent piece of meat with respect and you’ll be on your way to serving delicious restaurant-worthy, melt-in-your-mouth steaks to your family and friends. 1 ...
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