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Here Are The Different Ways To Cook Tofu

Use different cooking methods to enjoy tokwa better.
Tofu or tokwa can be made of different textures. It actually comes in four different textures:Sometimes people forget that taho is basically tofu that is super soft. It's the freshest tofu you can get your hands on since the water hasn't been pressed out ...

Everything You Need To Know About Using Tokwa

What is the best way to cook tofu? Here are our tips.
Do you love using tokwa as an alternative to meat? If you do, then you already know that the tofu is a great and versatile ingredient to use in many different recipes. The tokwa can be used in many different ways and using it as your meat substitute ...

5 Tips To Make Your Tokwa Extra Flavorful

If you don’t like tokwa because of its bland flavor, we think you’re doing it wrong.
Think of tokwa, or tofu, as a sponge—it’s all about soaking it in flavor. This makes tofu a flavor “chameleon.” It can easily blend into the flavors of a dish while adding texture. We have a few tips so you can unleash tofu ...

WATCH: How To Make Mapo Tofu

This silky tofu and chunky pork dish is a delicious Chinese dish you can easily recreate at home.
A favorite Chinese dish, Mapo Tofu is a silky tofu and ground pork dish is extra flavorful. It's tossed in a delicious sauce made with soybean paste, garlic, ginger, and chili. The delicate soft tofu easily breaks down and becomes part of the ...

Follow These Tips To Get Perfectly-Browned Fried Tokwa

Keep these tips in mind when cooking tofu.
Those who love tofu (tokwa) will be delighted to know that frying tofu is really quite simple, especially when you know the tips and tricks to ensuring you have golden browned tofu every time. Here’s how to fry perfectly browned tofu perfectly every time:1 ...

Our Best Tofu Cooking Tips for Your Next Stir-Fry

Tofu is a staple in stir-fried dishes and salads.
Tofu, or soy bean curd, is made from soy milk and pressed into either soft or firm white blocks. There are variations that include very silky and soft tofu, firm tofu, and extra firm tofu. Each variation needs to be cooked in ...
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