Dining in: Quick, Cheap and Easy Recipes for Twenty-Somethings

Forget ready meals. Home cooking is the next big thing in food.
It isn’t very easy being twenty-something. Between looking for their place in the professional world, and trying to keep up with all the latest, craziest trends, a lot of young people today just don’t have enough time or money to cook for ...

5 Food Techniques You Need To Learn This Year

Wow everyone this year!
This new year, make it a goal to do more than just cook in the kitchen. You may already know how to cook a few dishes so it's always a good thing to level up your cooking game. Try these other cooking ...

Ten Kitchen Commandments Everyone Should Know

Taking advantage of your kitchen means taking these simple guidelines to heart.
Before we get started on rules, it’s important to remember that there is freedom in the kitchen. The beauty of having a kitchen is that what you get to eat—from how it tastes to how it looks—is only limited by your imagination ...

This Is The Secret To The Crispiest Onion Rings

There's an ingredient that makes it extra crispy.
The secret to cooking crispy onion rings is actually not a big secret. In fact, you may already know it. The thing is you may be omitting the ingredient. We don't blame you. With everyone leading busier and busier lives, skipping a step or ...


This newbie cook learns this popular ulam recipe is easy to cook.
There is always a first time for many things. For new cooks, it's usually how to cook their favorite dishes or at the least, one of their favorite food to eat. It follows that if you love to eat it, learning to cook it will guarantee ...

10 Kitchen Skills You Need To Level Up Your #Adulting Skills

#Adult like a boss.
Remember when we were kids who wanted to be adults? Funny, right? Being an adult is hard and cooking can be one of the most intimidating tasks one can face. But cooking is also one of the greatest joys you can have ...

COOKING WITH NEWBIES: How To Cook An Easy Fried Rice Recipe

This newbie learned how to make fried rice, but also how to prep ingredients and safely use a knife.
Mornings are always better when you have just eaten a great meal and fried rice is always a great addition to any morning spread. You may pair it with your longganisa, tapa, or tocino and it can be as basic as you want. You can also toast garlic and then toss ...

Braising Is Different From Stewing. Here's What You Need To Know

You can cook two different kinds of adobo using these two methods!
Do you know that there's a difference between braising and stewing?We actually do these types of cooking almost every day! Filipino recipes such as mechado, kaldereta, and even menudo are braised while sinigang na baboy and bulalo are stewed until tender. Simply put, braising is cooking food in a small amount ...
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