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How To Cook Frozen Meat If You Forgot To Defrost

You may need to add more minutes to the cooking time.
Even organized homemakers can forget to defrost the meat. Sometimes, you may have remembered to place the frozen chunk of meat in the refrigerator but discover that it hasn't defrosted enough to be cooked immediately. However, did you know that you can cook meat that is still frozen? In ...

This Is The Best And Fastest Way To Defrost Anything

It doesn't have to take too long.
Have you ever tried to defrost anything that was frozen solid in the refrigerator? We have and contrary to what many people think, it literally takes days in the refrigerator for that frozen solid chunk to soften and thaw enough to use. Unless you ...

Thaw Frozen Meat Faster With This Tool

Forgot to defrost your meat last night?
It’s all happened to us. We get excited over fried chicken or steak, then discover we forgot to thaw our meat the night before and it's still frozen solid.There’s a solution, though! You can buy this defrosting tray for P470 which promises to speed ...
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