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How To Cook Anything On The Grill (Including Dessert!)

You can "bake", too!
The trick to cooking food on the grill is knowing what it needs to be cooked right. The grates are a dead giveaway with regards to knowing if the food needs to be placed a certain way so it doesn't fall into ...

Smokeless Grills That's Not Just For Your Korean BBQ

These smokeless grills can cook delicious food!
What makes a grill smokeless? The best definition of a smokeless grill is one that doesn't require charcoal. Charcoal actually produces very little smoke. The little it does produce is created only in the first minutes as the charcoal combusts and starts ...

Everything You Need To Know About Using a Grill Pan

Indoor grilling can be easy!
Indoor grilling is one of those things you need to do when the weather isn't cooperating or you are too lazy to bring out the big grill. We understand that grilling is a big deal that will require effort. Most importantly, you ...

Here Are All The Barbecue Marinades You Can Use This Summer

Use these marinades to make your grilled meats extra tasty!
Few summer dishes are as popular as the barbecue. In fact, not a lot of other dishes are as popular as our pork barbecue! It's a staple at parties, whether it's summer or not! From the sweet-spicy banana ketchup-based marinades that many of us love to the ...

Love Barbecue? We Have A Hack That You Should Know

Your food won't stick to your grill grates.
There is nothing worse than having to fight with your food. Whether you're trying to slice a piece of meat, trying to break a crab claw to get to the succulent, sweet flesh within, or trying to move that piece of chicken stuck to your frying ...

These Are The 4 Best Tips to Grilling Chicken Perfectly

A perfectly grilled chicken tastes like heaven.
Grilling is perhaps one of the best highlights of the summer. Whether you’re grilling in your backyard or by the beach, taking out that grill always results in an unforgettable, smoky meal. However, it’s not always so easy when you’re trying to ...

10 New Ways To Cook Potatoes

If you love potatoes, you'll love these recipes!
We think potatoes, just like rice, should be a staple in every kitchen. It's a versatile vegetable! You can fry it, bake it, boil it, roast it, smash it, and yes, even grill it for the pretty hatch marks that are usually ...

Fire Up The Grill: We Have Inihaw Tips for Delicious Grilled Meats

Improve your grill skills!
Summer is always the perfect time to bring out the grill. Grilling is one of the easiest ways to cook your meats but there are a few things to remember to make sure you have perfectly-grilled meats. Before you even start your grilling ...
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