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What's The Difference Between Japanese And Italian Breadcrumbs?

Get the perfect crisp when you use the right kind!
Breadcrumbs are a fantastic ingredient. They’re a versatile ingredient used to coat all sorts of food for a crunchy crust. Plus, you can use it to top mac and cheese, to bind burgers, and to even add bulk to your meatloaves or ...

This Is The Kind of Breadcrumb You Should Use For the Crispiest Fried Food

It becomes incredibly crunchy when fried.
The Japanese have given the world many delicious dishes: sushi, ramen, tempura, yakitori, and katsu. If you love tonkatsu, that incredibly crunchy exterior is the result of the unique breadcrumbs used. It's called Panko.  These Japanese-style breadcrumbs are unique to Asian cuisine and ...

You Can Make Your Own Breadcrumbs at Home!

Here's how to make breadcrumbs when you've ran out of the store-bought stuff.
.Grab that almost stale loaf of bread on your counter and make your own fresh breadcrumbs!  How to do it? First, gather the breads, trim off the crusts, and cut or tear into smaller pieces. Place in a blender and blend until ...
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