Everything You Need To Know About Making Cupcakes

These tips should ensure every cupcake you make is as perfect as it can be.
One of the best things about cupcakes is the fact that it's literally a mini cake. You can actually make any cake recipe into a cupcake recipe with a few tweaks to make it smaller. However, there are a few tips and tricks you need ...

9 No-Fail Cupcake Recipes If You Love Chocolate

These cupcake recipes all have chocolate. Lots of it.
We know the lure of chocolate can be an irresistible craving. If you've ever attempted to make a chocolate cupcake recipe and found that you were more than disappointed with the results, there's nothing stopping you from doing it again with this list of chocolate ...

Orange Cupcakes Recipe

Orange is the delicate flavor that make these cupcakes taste a little bit citrusy and a lot delicious.
These orange cupcakes are sweet, with just enough tang to make each bite interesting and flavorful. There's no harsh tang when you use oranges to flavor your desserts, just a beautiful citrusy flavor that actually translates into a cupcake well. Pro tip: make preparing the oranges easier ...

Strawberry Cupcakes Recipe

Real strawberries give these otherwise vanilla cupcakes an addictive aroma and flavor.
These strawberry cupcakes have real strawberries! The fresh fruit makes these sweet and oh-so-good! Since real strawberries are used, a portion is chopped and stirred right into the cupcake batter leaving bits interspersed throughout the cupcake while the frosting gets a boost of flavor ...

Lemon Cupcakes Recipe

These lemon cupcakes are the perfect tangy yet sweet treat.
These cupcakes taste like the cupcake version of your favorite lemon bars. The tanginess and sweetness of these mini cakes are perfectly balanced, giving you a treat that satisfies both cravings.  ...
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