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WATCH: You Can Make The Panaderia-Style Ensaymada From Your Childhood

Recreate your fave bread from the neighborhood bakery.
Ensaymada (or ensaimada) is a well-loved sweet Filipino coiled bread. It's usually topped with butter, sugar, and grated salty cheese. The ones from your neighborhood bakery (the ones you might remember from your childhood merienda) might be slathered with margarine and topped ...

The Story of Ensaymada

Plus, know where to get the classic and the modern varieties in Manila!
The ensaymada we enjoy today has a long-storied past, making a journey from an island in Spain towards Philippine shores. As time went by, it became more Filipino than its roots as our bakers adapted it to local tastes. Many homebakers have ...

How to Make Ensaymada

This traditional Filipino pastry is best paired with hot tsokolate. Learn how to make them at home!
Ensaymada is a light, buttery bread that has become a well-loved local snack. Available in both neighborhood bakeries and upscale cafes, this soft and sugary delight is perfect for merienda especially with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. It is typically ...
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