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WATCH: This Is How You Cook Chicken Menudo

This is the pork menudo everyone knows and loves but with one big twist.
Chunky, hearty, and best of all, cooks in half the time, this chicken version of your favorite pork menudo recipe is just as delicious and just as satisfying as the original. The use of chicken fillets makes this a fast, easy recipe yet ...

Here Are 5 Ways To Make Your Menudo Different Every Time

Get creative with your menudo recipes with these delicious tips to make it different.
The menudo used to be a more festive offering than what we're more used to now. It has many ingredients and required a long cooking process. However, it's not that case anymore. In fact, it's a classic Filipino recipe that is well-loved both at home and in carinderias more ...

Pork Menudo Recipe (Tagalog Version)

Mapaparami ang kain niyo sa ulam na ito!
Popular na karneng putahe ang Menudo. Madalas na inihahanda ito tuwing pista at handaan. Maraming bersiyon ang menudo—ang ilan ay nagdadagdag ng hiniwang hotdog, pasas, atsara, at iba pang pampalasa para lumabas ang linamnam ng putahe. May kanya-kanyang bersiyon bawat pamilya, bayan, ...

Here Are Four Different Types Menudo Recipes You Can Make

There are many kinds of menudo recipes you can make.
Menudo is a delicious pork, tomato, potato, and carrot stew that's slightly sweet and salty from the added soy sauce that gives it that characteristic darkened look. Just like there are many versions of adobo around the Philippines, there are many versions of menudo, too. So, ...
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