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Everything You Need To Know About Making Puto

Making puto is easy and delicious when made right.
Steamed rice cakes is a truly Asian thing. Only in Asia will you find steamed rice cakes, or more commonly known as puto, in varying shapes, sizes, and flavors. The recipes are usually not difficult to follow and do but there are a few ...

Cheese Puto Recipe (Tagalog Version)

Kung paborito mong merienda ang puto, dapat mong subukan ang recipe na ito!
Pamilyar na kakanin ang puto, bilang madalas itong kasama sa merienda o kapareha ng iba pang pagkaing Filipino katulad ng dinuguan at pancit.Gawa sa galapong o rice flour ang nakagawiang puto, pero may mas madaling version ito: pwedeng gumamit ng all-purpose flour. Ang ...

This Steaming Trick Will Prevent Soggy Homemade Puto

Avoid soggy, wet puto, siopao, and other dishes with this easy steaming trick.
It's a little annoying when you bite into a fluffy puto or a giant siopao, and there's a soaking wet spot on the bottom or the top before it's removed from the steamer. No matter how careful you are, there will always be a soggy spot where droplets of ...

WATCH: How to Make Bacon and Cheese Puto

Sweet + salty is always a flavor combo you'll never get tired of.
Puto (Filipino rice cake) is more delicious with salty bacon and slivers of cheese! Add extra layers of flavors to your Filipino rice cake with the simple addition of crispy bacon and salty cheese. You can even add as much (or as ...

WATCH: This Is The Puto That's Made For Sharing

It's topped with a ton of grated cheese!
Love puto and can't get enough of it? This giant rice cake is slathered in melted butter and then topped with a ton of grated cheese. It's definitely made for sharing! Puto Cake Recipe Takes 50 minutesMakes 12 servings4 cups rice flour2 cups sugar2 tablespoons baking powder1 ...

WATCH: How to Make Pandan Puto

This is classic fluffy puto and cheese with pandan flavors!
Soft, fluffy puto (Filipino steamed rice cake) is one kakanin you won't get tired of. This version is flavored with pandan leaves, with a soft floral aroma and a subtle sweet molasses-like flavor. Pandan Puto Recipe 1 Make the pandan water: Boil 1 cup water ...

The Ultimate Guide to Making Puto at Home

Puto is a steamed rice cake that is a mainstay in Filipino cuisine.
Puto is a steamed rice cake that is traditionally made with fermented galapong (rice dough made from rice flour) and is often served alongside savory mains like pancit (noodle stir-fry) and dinuguan (pork blood stew). Puto is lightly sweet and can also ...

Puto with Buro Spread Recipe

Who knew puto and buro would go so well together?
Here's a unique take on the popular Pinoy kakanin. Who knew puto and buro would go so well together? ...
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