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Easy Sushi Bake Recipe

Have you tried making this yet?
Sushi bake has been a trending food craze that gives you a deconstructed version of the original Japanese rolled sushi. I made my own version of it.This dish features sushi rice and creamy toppings served spooned into nori wrapper. At first, you might ...

Unique Sushi Bake Flavors You Need To Try If You're Obsessed With This Quarantine Food Trend

Take a break from the usual kani, salmon, and tuna.
The quarantine food trend that continues to flood our feeds and continues to make us crave is none other than the sushi bake. For those who are still confused about what sushi bake is, it is a deconstructed sushi in a casserole, ...

Here Are All The Seafood You Can Use To Top Your Sushi Bake

You don't have to stick to what's normal.
The sushi bake food trend is a quarantine food trend that might be here to stay! This easy-to-recreate-at-home dish is a combination of sushi ingredients arranged in layers instead of in rolls. While that makes eating it a different experience, the wonder of this ...

This Is How You Can Make An Affordable Sushi Bake At Home

You can use canned tuna!
The sushi bake trend is here and it looks like it may be here to stay. While there are some scratching their heads why it is even called "sushi" when it's neither rolled nor bite-sized, this Japanese fusion dish is undeniably delicious and easy ...

All The Tips You Need For Making Your Own Sushi Bake

Here are tips on how to make this giant deconstructed sushi.
If you've been seeing trays of what looks like a baked casserole but is being served with nori or seaweed sheets, you've just seen what is called a sushi bake or baked sushi. This giant deconstructed sushi (sushi purists might protest this is ...

What Is "Sushi Bake" + Where You Can Buy It

You can make it at home, too!
If you’re part of food communities online, you’ve probably encountered “Sushi Bake” on your social media feeds. These two words stitched together may not make sense for sushi purists (as sushi typically uses raw fish) but there is such a thing as ...
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