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With These 10 Ingredients, You Can Make These 5 Marinades

You can make anything super delicious.
Marinades are the flavorful liquids that make your plain meats extra tasty. Marinades work so that it's an almost no-fail mixture. You can taste your mixture before adding your meats to the mix so you know exactly what you need to add to make it taste ...

Marinate Now, Cook A Delicious Meal Later Or Even Tomorrow

Infuse your meats with flavor easily.
Let time infuse your favorite cuts of meat with the intense flavors of a marinade. Marination or to marinate food is the process of soaking food, commonly meat, in a flavorful mix of liquid ingredients to infuse it with flavor before cooking. This is usually overnight or ...

This Is The Perfect Marinating Time For Juicy Chicken Inasal

It makes a difference!
Have you ever eagerly awaited a grilled chicken meal only to discover that the chicken tastes a little grainy despite it being cooked just right? Was the chicken chalky, grainy, or even mushy that it left an unpleasant feeling in your mouth instead ...

You Should Be Marinating And Brining Meats + Why You Need to Do It

These prepping tricks make meat extra flavorful and juicy.
Meat makes up the majority of the food we cook. We already know how to season and cook our food to make it taste good but there might be two prepping tricks that you may not think you're doing on a daily basis but you actually ...

This Marinating Hack Makes Flavorful Grilled Meat

It's a simple trick that master grillers do to make anything cooked on the grill incredibly tasty.
It's a sad, sad world when the first bite of your highly anticipated plate of beautifully grilled food is a tasteless one. While it's a cooking sin to not season your food correctly, it's an even bigger one to not taste it before serving it. So how ...

Do You Know The Difference Between Dry Rubs And Marinades?

These are the two flavor enchancers you'll want to use again and again.
When grilling meat, you can use  dry rubs and marinades to add flavors to your meat. If you’re still confused with the differences between these two flavor enchancers, here’s your simple and quick guide on what each is and how to use it:What It Is: A ...

Tip of the Week: Marinating Basics You Should Know

Marinades can do wonders for your meat or seafood!
A marinade not only enhances the flavor of meat, but it also tenderizes it. As such, thin slices and smaller cuts of meat benefit most from marinades. Rubs work for large cuts, as with almost any cut of beef. Limit adding sugar ...
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