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For Real: You Can Remove Bitterness From Ampalaya Before Cooking

Preparing ampalaya in this way will definitely remove bitter flavors.
There are ways you can remove the bitterness from the ampalaya or bitter gourd. Its characteristic bitter taste is why many do not like eating this vegetable. You can remove it by trying any of these ways: There is another way that we learned about ...

Here Are 3 Easy Ways to Remove The Bitterness From Ampalaya

There are three different ways to tame that bitterness.
Ampalaya has a reputation. It's not called a "bitter gourd" for nothing. Take a bite of a piece of the forest green-skinned gourd and the first and overpowering taste you will experience is bitterness. In fact, it's highly bitter and for some, this is a deal breaker. Bitterness ...
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