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How To Keep Broccoli Fresher Longer

There's a unique way of storing this vegetable.
Broccoli is a super ingredient. There are health reports that suggest that it's not just good for you, but it's also delicious as an ingredient. It's fantastic when added to dishes such as stir-fries like chop suey, beef in oyster sauce, and ...

What To Do When Your Refrigerator Breaks Down

Don’t open the ref yet!
One of the most useful appliances you will ever have is the refrigerator. That’s why it’s a hassle when the refrigerator breaks down. If your refrigerator is like other households, it is usually well-stocked with food. What do you do when it ...

This Is The Best Way To Store Salad Dressing

You'll have a tasty salad every time when stored right.
Salads don't need much effort to be made. In fact, the most basic salad might not even require a knife. You can tear the lettuce leaves apart with your hands and this is exactly what many restaurants do with their lettuce to prevent ...

These Habits Make Food Spoil Faster

These are the most common mistakes you're making.
This has happened to many of us: you stored leftover food in the refrigerator, thinking that it will last a few days only to find that it has already gone bad within the next day or two. You already know that you should ...

This Is The Best Food Saving Tip You Need During The Quarantine

This tip may save you from eating through your food stash.
The Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) has made all of us a little paranoid when it comes to food. Panic buying was common but we soon realized that it wasn't necessary to hoard since we are allowed to go out and shop as needed ...

How To Store Unfinished Opened Canned Goods

Is it safe to just place it in the refrigerator?
Have you ever opened canned food, used a bit, and didn't use it all up? Has a recipe ever asked for half the amount of canned food? Having unfinished, opened canned goods are a common occurrence. What is also common is, when ...
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