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Why Do Pinoys Place A Spoon Inside The Pot When Cooking?

This old wives' tale has some grain of truth.
Have you ever seen a metal spoon or fork in the pot when someone is cooking? Maybe you have seen a relative or even your parents drop a spoon in a simmering pot of meat and leave it there as it simmered? You're not alone. ...

How To Make Beef Tender In Minutes + Recipes To Cook

This easy prep will make beef tender enough to mimic steak!
Tenderizing beef may be one of the longer cooking processes that you will need to do in the kitchen. Beef is notorious for being tough if not cooked right, so using tender meat cuts, long and slow cooking, and even pressure cooking beef ...

How To Make Meat Tender The Easy Way

You can get a little help from this item in the grocery!
Meat is naturally not tender. It's not meant to be, but that doesn't mean it can't become tender. That's why cooking it until it's tender is a task that many cooks want to achieve as easily as possible.   There are actually a few ways ...

How To Make Any Beef Cut Tender Without Doing Anything

You can do chores and other tasks as it tenderizes.
Everyone wants to make a dish that is delicious and appetizing for their family. However, not everyone will take the time to cook food right and sometimes, that's the difference between a great dish and an ordinary one. Cooking meat until it's tender is ...

3 Quick Ways To Make Beef Tender

Learn to cook beef until fork-tender quickly.
Tough cuts of meat are much more affordable but can be hard to chew if not cooked right. Whether you're cooking beef chunks or bulalo, these cuts of beef need to be cooked until these are tender so you don't have to fight with ...

Fresh Pineapple is the Ingredient You Need to Tenderize Meat

Use pineapples in your marinades to tenderize even the toughest meats.
There’s something about pineapples that make it an important ingredient when you’re cooking with meat. Not only will it sweeten the dish you’re making, making it even more appetizing for the sweet flavor-loving Pinoy, it will also tenderize the meat it's cooked ...

A Simple Trick to Tenderize + Flavor Meat

Tougher meat cuts can be flavorful!
Cuts of beef that come from the shoulder, bottom, and legs may be cheaper than the prized tender cuts, but they’re just as flavorful. The downside? They can be quite tough. The good news is, there’s a simple trick to tenderize meat. ...
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