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Everything You Need To Know About Using A Microwave Oven

This kitchen appliance can dish out super fast recipes if you know how to use it right.
Using the microwave oven is the smart way to easily soften butter, gently melt chocolate, reheat leftovers without drying it out, and it's faster than a kettle in heating water to boiling.           The microwave however can be used for more ...

KITCHEN TRICKS: How To Microwave Food Without Drying It Out

Microwaves are super useful so this is how to use it right.
The microwave is a fantastic kitchen appliance. It can do so many things! It's usually used to melt butter and chocolate, boil water for hot drinks, and even cook your vegetables until each floret is a beautiful bright green in a matter of a few ...

How To Tell If Your Container Is Microwave Safe

This kitchen trick should ensure you use your containers right.
Do you often use a mug filled with water and place it in the microwave so you can heat it up quickly? Have you reheated a plastic food storage container with leftover kaldereta or a plate of food your mom left out for you for your dinner in ...

Everything You Need to Know About Reheating Food

Check to see if you're doing it right when using your microwave.
Cooking food at home is a necessity. Everyone needs to eat, and where better than at home where you know exactly what goes into your meal and how it's prepared. It's a fantastic way to not only eat the kinds of ingredients you ...

WATCH: Here's How You Can Make Cookies In the Microwave Oven

Yay for this genius recipe.
Cookies are the delicious, sweet dessert rounds that we don't have to share with anyone else. However, most recipes for cookies make a big batch and not everyone has the appetite for an entire cookie jar. Sometimes, just one cookie is enough for someone who doesn't need all ...
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