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Everything You Need To Know About Using The Rice Cooker

You may know how to use it but there are some cooking tricks you may not know.
Any Asian resident will tell you that rice is the most important food in their diet. We love our rice! We eat it for practically every meal of the day, even as a snack or for merienda and there are many ways ...

WATCH: This Pasta Dish Is Cooked In A Rice Cooker!

It's delicious, hearty, and best of all, cooks in your rice cooker.
The rice cooker has to be one of the most underrated appliances in your kitchen. It may be called a "rice" cooker but it can do much more than just cook rice! If you look inside the box that the rice cooker came in, you'll ...

This Is How You Can Cook an Entire Meal In A Rice Cooker

Let your rice cooker do more than just cook rice.
It's a fact: the rice cooker may be the most underutilized piece of kitchen equipment in your kitchen. That’s because it’s easy to forget that a rice cooker is actually a cooking tool and that it can do more than just steam ...

Steaming Broccoli Is One Of The Easiest Ways to Cook It!

This superfood can be prepared in a way that's fast, easy, and diet friendly, too.
One of the easiest ways to cook broccoli, or other vegetables for that matter, is by steaming. Steaming is the process in which water, when brought to a boil, becomes a gas which is what you use to cook your food. That's ...

WATCH: 3 Other Ways to Use a Rice Cooker

This household must-have can do more than just cook rice!
This all-in-one kitchen helper can be used to cook rice, make soup, congee, and pasta! You can also make other dishes such as Hainanese Chicken or use it to make suman. Try these recipes in your rice cooker! ...

Kitchen Hack: 3 Surprising Ways to Use a Rice Cooker

Hack your way into cooking full meals with your rice cooker!
Filipinos love rice, and a rice cooker is a definite must-have in anyone’s kitchen! Did you know that you could cook meat, veggies, and even cakes in a rice cooker, too? Familiarize yourself with this home appliance’s many functions and hack your ...
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