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How To Air Fry Any Vegetable

Are you an air fryer owner?
Are you an air fryer owner? If you are, you have probably tried to cook various kinds of food in it. You can cook breakfast tocino in it with an easy hack, "hard-boil" eggs, "bake" a chocolate cake, and even make crispy lechon kawali in ...

Air Fryer Mistakes You're Making

These air frying mistakes can cost you a delicious meal!
The air fryer might just be the coveted kitchen appliance of the year. You probably know or are one of those people whose online shopping cart contained an air fryer for weeks! Did you finally check it out when sale day came recently? Then, you ...

Here's Your Air Fryer Cooking Time Cheat Sheet

No more second-guessing the cooking time!
Air fryer owners know that cooking in this appliance is fast and easy. It's meant to be since hot air can be as effective in cooking your favorite food as cooking it in an oven or even on the stove in hot oil. You ...

These Are The Fried Chicken Recipes You Need To Try In Your Air Fryer

These are perfect for your air fryer!
Fried chicken will always be an easy favorite. The crunchy skin, succulent chicken, and overall delicious meal will please anyone who takes a bite. If you have an air fryer, however, not all fried chicken recipes will work in it. What you need to do ...

Air Fryer Max's-Style Fried Chicken Recipe

You can make it in the air fryer!
The Pinoy fried chicken is well-loved and is easily one of the best ways of enjoying fried chicken in its purest form. There's no coating to interfere with the chicken's flavor! That's why this kind of fried chicken is hard to recreate at home! With the air ...

Everything You Need To Know About Cooking With An Air Fryer

This space-age looking cooker can be your new kitchen BFF.
The modern air fryer looks like a space-age looking cooker and it can do many things. While it can't prepare your food for you, you can make delicious fried food in it with less oil than you would normally use if you were frying it on the ...
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