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Ulam Recipes: How To Transform Pork Adobo Into Humba

These two dishes have similar ingredients.
There was much debate when the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) announced it wanted to standardize recipes for some of the most popular Filipino dishes such as the well-loved adobo among others. While the government agency clarified it was just for international standards ...

What's The Difference: Pata Tim Vs. Humba

Both use the pork pata but it tastes different.
Both the humba and the pata tim may look the same. These dishes use similar ingredients, too. In fact, both the humba and the pata tim use soy sauce, sugar, and vinegar in their recipes, and both contain wood ear mushrooms. Both are ...

Craving Humba And Pares? Here's A Super Quick And Super Affordable Solution To Your Cravings!

They have caldereta and afritada, too!
Dishes like humba and pares are without a doubt, delicious. However, these Filipino dishes take time to become fork-tender when you make it at home. So, what if you can have it as often as you want to without needing to cook it for hours? Purefoods ...

Batchoy, Humba, And More: Which Of These Regional Dishes Do You Miss Most?

Go on a virtual food trip with these dishes. We have recipes!
Nostalgia can be the reason why you're missing certain food. The dishes you grew up eating at the dinner table and loved to eat whenever it was served will and can leave an indelible mark on your taste buds as well as your ...

This Is What People Eat For Noche Buena Around The Philippines

What’s on their table spread this Christmas?
Noche Buena, which is Spanish for “night of goodness,” is the bountiful feast served during the eve of Christmas. The typical Noche Buena spread for most Filipino gatherings include the hamonado, embutido, baked macaroni, bringhe (local paella), and sometimes, lechon. But this isn't the same ...

WATCH: This Delicious Pork Pata Recipe Is Sweet and Savory

This pata recipe is delicious! It marries sweet and savory all in one bite.
This tender pork pata recipe marries sweet and savory wonderfully to create a dish that's bursting with flavor. The sweetness from the sugar and the sourness from the vinegar creates a delicious and interesting contrast. You also get a combo of salty soy ...


This is the sweet-style adobo recipe your sweet tooth will crave!
If you love ulam recipes that are sweet, then this recipe is for you! The humba is a Southern Philippine recipe. It's likened to the adobo but only as far as the main ingredients are concerned. The taste is where you know this is a different recipe. The sweetness from ...

Chicken Humba Recipe

This version of Pinoy humba uses chicken as the main protein.
Busy bees, turn to this one-pot wonder! This chicken humba recipe all about minimal prepping and letting the slow cooking produce a tender, full-flavored dish.  ...
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