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WATCH: How To Make Melon Ice Candy

This ice candy recipe transforms your favorite melon shake into a treat you can eat.
You should make this fruity ice candy recipe and take a trip back to your childhood for the most refreshing icy treat of the summer! Melons are plentiful during our dry season, so it's no wonder that you can take advantage of the summer heat to ...

Milk Tea Ice Candy Recipe

Milk tea gets an icy make-over that you can eat!
Milk tea fans will love that their favorite drink has been made into this fantastic and tasty ice candy. It has all the flavor of your favorite milk tea drink – including the pearls! Milk tea has never been this good.   ...

Buko Pandan Ice Candy Recipe

Buko pandan just got easier to enjoy this summer.
Your favorite creamy buko pandan dessert got frozen! It's the classic combo of buko juice, pandan, coconut cream, and gulaman but made into an icy treat.We made this buko pandan ice candy recipe easy but it can be made even easier with this no-cook ...

Icy Desserts To Get You Through The Summer Heat

Cool down with these sweet treats.
These delicious desserts are the best way to battle the summer heat. They're not complicated to make too. From easy ice pops and no-churn ice cream to crushed ice chillers, these desserts won’t even require you to endure the kitchen heat.You don’t ...

Ice Candy Recipe

Make ice candy in different flavors!
Ice candy is a favorite frozen dessert in the Philippines. You can flavor them with anything: fresh strawberries and melons, or chocolate! These ice candy recipes have variations for different flavors. Pick your favorite one, or make all three! It's summer anyway, ...

Halo-halo Ice Pops Recipe

These ice pops are not just pretty, they’re also deliciously refreshing!
These ice pops are not just pretty, they’re also deliciously refreshing! To add more fun to your summer popsicles (or your mini food business), look for molds that come in unique shapes and play with a lot of color. ...
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