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Treat Yourself to Dairy Queen's New Tin Can Cakes This Summer

This comes in strawberry, mango, and Oreo flavors!
If you’re on the lookout for new frozen desserts, Dairy Queen has just launched To-Go Tin Can Cakes in Strawberry Cashew Cheesecake, Mango Cheesecake, and Choco Oreo flavors.All three cakes have crushed Oreo as its base, Dairy Queen vanilla ice cream, and ...

Pinoy Ube Vanilla Charlotte Royale Cake Recipe

This British ice cream cake takes on local flavor!

You Deserve This Delish Birthday Ice Cream Cake (Even If It's Not Your Birthday)

Sebastian's also has seasonal ice cream flavors.
There are two kinds of dessert lovers: those that prefer ice cream, and those that prefer cake. The people-pleasing solution? Ice cream cake! This special dessert brings you the best of both worlds with its layers of cake and ice cream, and ...

This Heavenly Coffee Crumble Ice Cream Cake Is So Easy To Make!

It will satisfy your sweet tooth!
At the start of the community quarantine, many became obsessed with Dalgona, a sweet, coffee-based froth that you put on top of iced milk. In fact, the lockdown was a chance for all of us to experiment and discover food hacks, especially ...

Dairy Queen's New Blizzard And Blizzard Cakes Come In Blueberry Cheesecake Flavors

They also have a parfait version, too.
One of the classic, no-fail desserts that can instantly cheer up anyone with a sweet tooth is a decadent blueberry cheesecake. The sweet-tangy blueberries blending seamlessly with the creamy sweet-tartness of the cheese simply makes you want to grab a second, fifth, ...

This Ice Cream Cake Has Ube Halaya And Cream Cheese Frosting

You can get an entire cake for less than P500!
We've lost count of all the ube desserts and pastries available in Manila from pandesal to leche flan, from cookies to cinnamon rolls, and everything in between. That's not going to stop us from adding to our ever-growing list of sweet treats flavored by the popular purple yam!Here's ...

Dairy Queen's New Dessert Combines Milk Tea, Ice Cream, And Cake

Just in case you didn’t know, July is National Ice Cream Month!
Milk tea, ice cream, and cake. These are just a few of the sugary desserts that we crave when things get too stressful. But have you ever dreamt of eating these desserts in just one bite? Now you can with Dairy Queen’s ...

You Get Both Cake And Ice Cream In Papa Diddi's New Dessert

You don’t need to choose between your favorite treats.
If you love both cake and ice cream and find yourself having to choose only one for the day’s dessert, this new treat from Papa Diddi’s is for you. Papa Diddi’s is known for locally-made, handcrafted ice cream but they just made ...

A Giant Reese's Ice Cream Cake Exists And We're In Love

We want this in the supermarket right now.
Reese’s peanut butter cups is already good on its own, but transformed and combined with ice cream? You’ve got the best of both worlds. Rich Product Corporation recently released a dessert filled with chocolate ice cream with chunks of Reese's peanut butter cups, ...

This Ice-Cream Cake Takes Everything You Love About Oreos to the Next Level

BRB, filling up our fridge!
Not only do Oreos make for a great quick fix for when your palate craves something sweet, but they're also super versatile. The chocolate-and-cream cookies take many forms, from chocolate bars to ice-cream sandwiches. But we found one at S&R Membership Shopping ...

Chocolate Ice Cream Cake Recipe

This dessert combined a luscious chocolate cake with an ice cream layer.
This dessert combined a luscious chocolate cake with an ice cream layer. Add chunky nuts and mallows to make it a rocky road ice cream cake!  ...

3-Ingredient Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Use ready-made ingredients to put this easy dessert together.
Desserts have never been easier to make! This no-bake 3-ingredient ice cream cake makes use of ready-made ice cream and butter cakes to assemble. All you have to do is sandwich butter cakes in between two of your favorite flavors of ice ...

WATCH: How to Make Mini Ice Cream Cakes

Keep cool with these easy-to-make ice cream cakes!
The best part about this no-bake delight is you can switch out the ingredients with your favorite variants of cookie, ice cream, and fruit jams! What flavor combinations would you try?  ...

Ice Cream Cake

You can also add some shaved chocolate on top and serve this with some whipped cream on the side.
You can make this days in advance and it will keep well as long as it's stored in the freezer. You can also add some shaved chocolate on top and serve this with some whipped cream on the side. It adds texture ...

A Frozen Brazo de Mercedes Recipe For Serious Dessert Lovers

This dessert has everything from a crisp crust to a cool, creamy filling.
Traditionally made up of a sweet egg yolk curd that is rolled into a sheet of lighty toasted meringue, brazo de mercedes is a dessert that is difficult to stop digging into. Get into some next-level baking by tweaking the classic recipe ...

Green Tea Cake

In between the fluffy green cake is green tea ice cream, making it a matcha ice cream cake!
In case you can't find it in powder form, you can also use green tea in tea bags. Just steep in hot water and allow to cool to room temperature and use this instead of the water called for in the recipe. ...

Fudgy Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Ward off the rainy day doldrums with this yummy, fudgy concoction!
Ward off the rainy day doldrums with this yummy, fudgy concoction! ...

Ice Cream Treats to Help You Survive Summer

Heat getting you down? Ice cream is the answer!
When the heat gets unbearable, having ice-cream is a no-brainer. We always love a scoop or two in our fave ice cream flavor, but there are also other ways to enjoy this frozen treat. Here are a few ideas:1 Frozen Mocha Mud PieOreos, ...

8 Cool Ways to Enjoy Ice Cream

There are better ways to eat this treat other than spooning it out of a tub.
Ice cream is an easy favorite but there sweeter ways to enjoy this cool treat. Here are a few ideas:1. Ice Cream Sundae SandwichYou can also substitute your fave ice cream flavor!2. Ice Cream CupcakesMini-versions of ice cream cake, anyone?3. Berries and ...
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