8 Cool Ways to Enjoy Ice Cream

There are better ways to eat this treat other than spooning it out of a tub.
Ice cream is an easy favorite but there sweeter ways to enjoy this cool treat. Here are a few ideas:1. Ice Cream Sundae SandwichYou can also substitute your fave ice cream flavor!2. Ice Cream CupcakesMini-versions of ice cream cake, anyone?3. Berries and ...

Ice Cream Treats to Help You Survive Summer

Heat getting you down? Ice cream is the answer!
When the heat gets unbearable, having ice-cream is a no-brainer. We always love a scoop or two in our fave ice cream flavor, but there are also other ways to enjoy this frozen treat. Here are a few ideas:1 Frozen Mocha Mud PieOreos, ...

Hatsu Hana-Tei

Hatsu Hana-Tei began to win my restaurant reviewer heart as soon as I climbed the stairs towards its spot on the second floor of Herald Suites in Makati City.


Have some delicious Vietnamese food at Aquaknox!
At this restaurant, water cascades down the walls; underwater scenes are projected on a video wall; and a giant painting of koi fish graces one side of the restaurant. It all makes for a soothing ambiance and puts the diner in a ...

How to tell when it

Know when to dispose of these three kitchen items.
Know when to dispose of these three kitchen items.Photography by Jun Pinzon | Research and Demonstration by Cheers Vazquez ...

How to Caramelize Onions

Bring on the onions! They're big on flavor and oh-so-easy to do!
Sweetened onions are delightful over or beside pretty much any main dish, like pork chops or baked chicken. Add them to burgers, hotdogs, and your favorite sandwiches. Click on the slideshow for the step-by-step guide! Where to use caramelized onions? Choose and ...

How to Make Cheese Rolls

Pair these rolls with cups of thick hot chocolate.
.For a most delightful afternoon affair, pair these soft and cheesy bread roll-ups with cups of thick hot chocolate. Click on the slideshow for a step-by-step guide!                                                                         ...

#YummyEats 2015: Fun Ice Cream Flavors Rule at Merry Moo

Some very sweet treats get the deep freeze.
Feel free to sample all possible flavors when you head over to Merry Moo’s booth at this year’s Yummy Eats.The creamery churns out an impressive variety of creative ice cream flavors including classics Rum Raisin, Sea Salt Caramel and French Vanilla as ...

WATCH: How to Make Homemade Ice Cream

The flavor possibilities are actually endless!
You can make no-churn ice cream at home with only 3 ingredients! You can get as playful or as adventurous with your mix-ins and flavors, too!CLICK HERE for more HOMEMADE ICE CREAM RECIPES. Visit our YouTube channel for more videos, recipes, and ...

Kitchen Finds: The Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream Book

Delicious homemade ice cream is just a churn away.
Ice cream nerds are bound to know about Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. What once started as an ice cream truck dedicated to serving New Yorkers carefully-crafted and sourced ice creams is now one of the most important churners around.The book is a ...

You Can Have Gelato Made by a Master Gelato Maker

BONO Gelato is bringing Master Gelatiere Giacomo Schiavon to make your iced treats.
Gelato lovers, rejoice! BONO Gelato is ready to give you all a special treat by bringing in a real master gelato maker straight from Italy!This March 5, at BONO Gelato, Aura Premier Mall, Taguig, master gelatiere Giacomo Schiavon will be showing off ...

WATCH: Must Try Ice Cream Soda Float Combos

Nothing screams cool comfort like a tall glass of ice cold fizzy soda with a scoop or two of ice cream!
We experimented pairing our favorite fizzy drinks with different Merry Moo ice cream flavors proving that ice cream soda floats are more than just the classic rootbeer and vanilla ice cream combination!   Looking for more soda float ideas? Try these:CHERRY ROOT BEER ...

WATCH: 6 Ways to Make Fun Ice Cream Sandwiches

The only thing better than ice cream on a cone or a dish is ice cream in between two cookies, waffles or donuts!
Who says you can only use cookies when making ice cream sandwiches? Brownies, waffles, and donuts make this summer treat extra fun! We played around with Merry Moo ice cream flavors and various toppings to shake things up a bit.Looking for more ...

Must-Try This Summer: Cheesy Mamon Ice Cream

Who knew this could be a real ice cream flavor?
Imagine your fave cheesy sponge cake in ice cream form! Merry Moo’s newest ice cream flavor puts together the delicate flavors of the Pinoy mamon, subtle cheese notes, and chunks of actual mamon in the mix. According to Merry Moo, they extract ...

5 Fun Ice Cream Topping Combos You Should Try

There is no better way to cool down than to indulge in several scoops of ice cream.
With summer in full swing, there is no better way to cool down than to indulge in several scoops of ice cream. Make your ice cream cup more exciting by dressing up this cold treat with a unique mix of textures and ...

A Frozen Brazo de Mercedes Recipe For Serious Dessert Lovers

This dessert has everything from a crisp crust to a cool, creamy filling.
Traditionally made up of a sweet egg yolk curd that is rolled into a sheet of lighty toasted meringue, brazo de mercedes is a dessert that is difficult to stop digging into. Get into some next-level baking by tweaking the classic recipe ...
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