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Army Navy's Famous LiberTea Now Comes In A Larger Jar!

No, you're not dreaming.
Is it just us but whenever we're ordering food from Army Navy, it just doesn't feel complete without a serving of their famous LiberTea iced tea? If you also can't get enough of their ice-cold brewed tea, you'll be glad to know ...

PSA: Wendy's Has A Buy One, Take One Promo On Their Famous Iced Tea!

Because one serving of iced tea is not enough.
There's no arguing that one of the best places to get delicious and affordable iced tea is at Wendy's. This burger joint's signature Biggie Iced Tea is popular for a reason: it's brewed tea with a hint of calamansi served in a large cup ...

PSA: Army Navy Has A Buy One, Take One Promo Starting This Week

Double servings of fries and iced tea sound good right now.
As we celebrate the Philippines' Independence Day this June 12, Army Navy Burger + Burrito celebrates this event by treating you to a buy one, take one promo on their refreshing LiberTea and irresistible Freedom Fries.If you want to skip cooking lunch ...

Love Army Navy's LiberTea? Here's How You Can Get A Discount!

Bottoms up!
Burgers and burritos are always in order when in Army Navy, but is an Army Navy meal really ever complete without the delicious, refreshing brewed LiberTea? It has become quite a popular beverage that it gained its own following.In an effort to save mother ...

These Are The Most Refreshing Iced Teas You'll Want To Sip At The Beach

These refreshing iced teas are going to be your next favorite drinks to cool you off this summer.
Iced tea may not sound as exciting. After all, it's a popular drink of choice when ordering a meal from fast food joints and restaurants. But there is more to iced tea than what we are used to every day. Iced tea can ...

WATCH: This Iced Tea Recipe Is All You Need This Summer

Nothing beats real honey and fresh lemon and calamansi juices!
Sure, it's easy to reach for iced tea powders but making iced tea is really easy! We used real honey and fresh lemon and calamansi juices to make this freshly brewed iced tea recipe irresistibly refreshing and delicious. You can tweak the ...

Churreria La Lola Has a New Drink for Yakult Addicts

Pair it with their new savory churro!
The little, yogurt-like drink is an integral part of our childhood and has become a popular flavor of milk tea and other iced beverages, too. In fact, Churreria La Lola has one in their branch in Singapore: The Yakult Iced Tea (P95), ...

These Filipino-Made Teas Make Your Detox Plan More Delicious

They are all-natural, too.
Being healthy and at the top of your game is a priority for many Filipinos—but getting all your necessary nutrients though natural teas and juices can be a struggle when pricing can be overwhelming and options are limited.Bayani Brew, a social enterprise ...

Peach Iced Tea Recipe

Make this refreshing iced tea on hot afternoons.
This iced tea is perfect for the hot summer heat! Peaches come canned and ready to eat, but feel free to use fresh fruit (it will just require more cooking) to make the syrup for this refreshing drink. ...

Grocery Run: 5 Drinks to Help Keep You Cool This Summer

Everyone needs a cool drink on a hot day.
It’s the middle of March and summer is officially in full swing. We’ve swapped out our beanies for sun hats, and we’re getting ready to head for the beach for some much needed R and R. The thing about summer, though, is ...

Spiced Teh-O

Add a handful of spices to your usual iced tea for a refreshing twist.
Add a handful of spices to your usual iced tea for a refreshing twist. Yummy recipe will guide you on how to make this thirst quencher Spiced Teh-O drink recipe in two simple steps! ...
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